5 Essentials for Decorating Your New Front Porch

5 Essentials for Decorating Your New Front Porch

Moving into a new home or apartment is stressful, but decorating a new space is so much fun. One of the first things to decorate should be your front porch since that’s what everyone will see first.

Check out these five essentials for decorating your new front porch.


Decorate Your Door

Hanging a sign or wreath on your front door is a great way to show all your neighbors that you’re a friendly, welcoming person. It also lets you personalize your space quickly. Make sure you choose something that will stand out from your front door and goes well with the rest of the colors in your entryway.


Layer Your Doormat

One of the newest front porch trends is layering your doormats. This method helps natural fiber doormats last longer by keeping away moisture. Plus, this makes it easier than ever to swap out your porch decorations for each holiday season.


Set Up Comfortable Seating

A decorative bench or set of chairs is another essential for decorating a new front porch. Furniture helps fill up space quickly, and you can use it to hide wall sockets or stains. The fun part about furniture is that you can change up the cushions and pillows any time you like. Also, you can turn them into makeshift tables and set things like flowerpots on them.


Add Leaning Signs

Another here-to-stay trend for entryways is the leaning sign. Some use welcome signs, while others choose to have last names printed on them. Like furniture, signs can fill space and help your porch quickly look decorated. It’s also nice that these signs are not permanent, so there’s no damage to your walls.


Place Decorative Lanterns

There’s no front porch you can’t improve by adding a lantern. You can set them on tables or benches, or even place them at the base of your front door. Lanterns add a slightly vintage or even farmhouse aesthetic without making your home look outdated.

Use these tips to get your new front porch decorated beautifully and efficiently. You’ll appreciate coming home to a welcoming entryway even when your home is full of boxes.


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