Essential Safety Tips for International Travel

Essential Safety Tips for International Travel

Are you leaving your home country? Whether you’re going on a sightseeing vacation or an important business trip, safety should be your top priority. Remain aware of your surroundings without letting anxiety get the better of you.

Use these essential international travel safety tips to help your trip go off without a hitch!


Blend In With the Crowd

When you arrive at your destination, try to avoid drawing excess attention to yourself. Conspicuous out-of-towners, especially Americans traveling abroad, are common targets for theft! Wear plain clothes that don’t make heads turn, and be discreet if you need to look at a map or ask for directions.


Keep Back Pockets Empty

If you usually carry your wallet in your back pocket, find another place for it while you’re on your trip. Wear a fanny pack or money belt on your front side to carry your most essential documents, including your passport; maintain visual contact with your wallet and travel documents.


Be Wary of Strangers

This isn’t to say you should be afraid of everybody. Just be careful about whom you trust with your personal information. Feel free to converse with friendly folks you encounter on your travels, but think twice before telling overly personal stories. Follow the same advice you’d give to a child, and don’t be too trusting of people you don’t know.


Leave Expensive Items at Home

While you may want to take plenty of photos on your trip, think twice before lugging your expensive camera around in public. The same goes for flashy jewelry or designer bags covered with luxury logos. Avoid advertising yourself as someone with money to burn; go for simple jewelry, and keep your camera hidden in a case when you’re not snapping pics.


Keep in Contact With Loved Ones

Before you leave for your international trip, give your friends and family a copy of your itinerary so they know what you’re up to. Every day, check in with them to let them know where you’re going.


Pro Tip:

Give your trusted contacts photocopies of your passport and ID card, too. If you lose one or both of those items on your travels, your spare copy is only a text, email, or phone call away.

Whether you’re a first-time international traveler or a seasoned pro, use these essential safety tips to navigate your destination while prioritizing your security.


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