5 Jewellery Mistakes to Avoid when Buying and Keeping

5 Jewellery Mistakes to Avoid when Buying and Keeping

Quality jewellery is affordable and accessible to most these days. However, as reasonable as it might be, jewellery is still expensive and typically made from precious metals and stones. It is, therefore, vital you know how to match jewellery for aesthetics and look after your pieces to keep them sparkly and prolong their life. Here are some top jewellery mistakes to avoid.


Material and Stone Mismatching

Exceptional jewellery is made from extraordinary materials. Therefore, some materials need to be matched to complement each. Unfortunately, not all designers are aware of this, and there are some horrible mismatches. Try to stick to classic pairings that bring out the best for the best matches. For example, the deep, dark and rich blue hue of sapphire rings work best with light coloured metals like silver, white gold and platinum. The cooler tones of such precious metals allow the strong and vibrant colour of sapphire to stand out and not get lost behind surrounding materials.


Using the Wrong Cleaning Supplies

The bane of jewellery and the cause of misery worldwide is using the wrong cleaning supplies on expensive jewellery gifts. Many gold, silver and platinum items have been ruined because of inadequate cleaning by individuals who don’t understand how chemicals affect certain metals. For example, it is a cruel urban myth that toothpaste and baking soda clean silver and gold. They don’t. They are abrasive and will ruin the finish of your pieces. Additionally, using alcohol to clean your precious stones will damage them. Visit your store for jewellery cleaning solutions.


Leaving Necklaces Unclasped

No one likes untangling anything. Wires, shoes, laces and necklaces, no matter how pretty they are. Leaving your chains unclasped is a guaranteed way to get them tangled up with each other. Therefore, you should always clasp them back up and hang them on a necklace stand or a bust. If you don’t have a stand or bust, put each necklace on something cylindrical like a pencil or straw before you lay them down. Laying them down like this will help keep them apart and reduce the chances of tables. Trying to untangle will lead to breaks in the chains and clasps.


Not Checking Your Ring Size

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting a ring that doesn’t fit. This can be a nightmare for a newly engaged bride to be. Yet this is understandable since your partner has to guess your ring size. But buying a ring that does not fit yourself is inexcusable. Fortunately, high-end jewellery stores will measure your fingers if you ask. You can get a good sense of your size with an online sizer if you are ordering online. You can also buy a ring sizer pretty cheap. Of course, if you are buying for someone else, you may just have to make an educated guess.


Considering the Source of Materials

You may or may not have heard of conflict materials. These are materials sourced in unethical ways. Commonly, these include precious metals and gemstones. In some war-torn places, diamonds are sourced using slave labour of men, women and children. Metals and other valuable materials are also sourced this way. For example, coltan is a common material used on cell phones, yet most coltan comes from questionable processes. If you aren’t sure or don’t want to contribute to questionable trade, many top designers manufacture diamonds artificially these days.


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