5 Smart Garage Organization Hacks for Your Home

Trying to find your stuff in a messy garage seems like a mission impossible. Instead of going through the mess or promising yourself that you’ll create more storage space on your day off, it’s time to clean and organise the room where you keep all your maintenance tools and gadgets.

Working in an organised space will help you create a new routine and finish the job faster. If you don’t know where to begin, we’re here to guide you and show you how to keep your garage tidy and neat.


Declutter your garage

We’ve all been guilty of storing stuff we don’t use anymore in the garage. Depending on the size of your garage, it’s possible to fit some old appliances in this room, but now is the best time to determine what needs to be thrown away.

Donate the tools you don’t use anymore, and figure out what to do with the gadgets that have been collecting dust on your shelves for ages. Once you declutter your garage, it will be easier to organise your space.


Install more shelves

Instead of keeping your gardening equipment or cleaning agents in the corners of your garage, install new shelves and use them to store soil, bins, car washing solutions and watering cans. This method will help you free up more space. If you have children, and they often like to sneak into your garage, store chemicals and paint on your shelves so that your children are safe even when you’re not around.


Use items you don’t need anymore to organise your space

Investing in extra storage space is often an unnecessary financial burden. Try to be creative and find something around your house that will serve as additional storage space. For example, an old cotton shoe holder is ideal for storing spray paint or different types of sanding paper.

If you don’t want to spend money on new hose reels, use an old bucket as a cheaper alternative. All you need to do is attract it to the wall, and you can even store all your hose fittings inside the bucket.


Take good care of your tools

It isn’t easy to find the right tools when you need them, especially if your garage is cluttered. There are various ways to organize your tools, but we recommend you consider storing them in an aluminium toolbox.

Aluminium is lightweight yet durable, and it can help you protect the tools and materials you decide to store in your toolbox. If you’re thinking about investing in new tools, choose a toolbox with additional storage space.


Set up a workstation

Sitting in front of your garage and trying to fix something doesn’t seem fun, especially during hot summer days. If you’re the type of person who always likes to work on new DIY projects, consider setting up a workstation. Keep it simple by investing in a new table that will allow you to work inside when the heat is unbearable. However, if you love to pay attention to details, find an ergonomic chair that will protect your back and offer additional support.



Although cleaning and organizing your garage is not a top priority, remind yourself of the importance of a tidy space. It takes a few days to re-organize your tools, gadgets, and materials, and you will notice drastic changes once you decide to put in the extra effort.

More importantly, you won’t have to waste time on finding more screws or paint for your next renovation project. Keep your garage clean, and you will manage to save a lot of time and preserve your tools and DIY materials.



Article by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a proud member of Alejandra’s Life team


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