Why Does the Style of Flooring in the Entryway Matter?

Why Does the Style of Flooring in the Entryway Matter?

Installing flooring is more than choosing a gorgeous design. It’s about tying the space together and establishing a comforting environment for everyone. But why does the style of flooring in the entryway matter so much?


Your Entryway Makes the First Impression

Your door opens widely to reveal your home. Your guests see a place to hang coats and purses, a designated spot for shoes, and a decorative table that makes them feel at home. Whether you’re welcoming new guests or family members inside, the entryway makes a first impression.

The flooring is a primary component of the entryway. Guests will look to their feet to remove their shoes as they enter. If the flooring doesn’t pair nicely with the rest of the house, it will feel jarring.


The Style Should Complement the Home’s Design

As you think more about the style of flooring in the entryway, consider the rest of your home’s design. You may feel like you must match other features throughout the living room or kitchen to make the entryway feel cohesive. However, that’s not the case.

Complementary flooring in the entryway is an effective tactic to establish a united design. Since it creates the first impression of the home, you want to ensure that the flooring style coincides with other features. For example, if you have stone features in a fireplace or the backsplash of the kitchen, perhaps stone tile flooring will tie the spaces together.


Entryway Flooring Should Be Moisture Resistant

In addition to establishing a first impression, the entryway’s flooring must also be durable enough to withstand frequent traffic. People enter and exit the home each day. They track in dirt and mud and leave puddles of water when it’s raining.

That’s why you need water-resistant flooring. Solid hardwood and carpeting are not ideal for entryways because of their absorbent properties. Natural wood will succumb to rotting, while carpeting will grow bacteria and is challenging to clean.


Entryway Flooring Should Be Easy-To-Clean

When your family comes home from school and work or guests come over, they often remove their shoes after walking inside. But they’ll still track in some mud and dirt.

If you have carpet in your entryway, it’s more challenging to clean. Installing carpeting on the main floor is a common flooring mistake new homeowners make. Although it creates a cohesive look, it poses a problem when people enter the front door.

Instead, consider materials like luxury vinyl, ceramic tiles, engineered hardwood, bamboo, or stone tiles. These materials are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand heavy traffic.

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