7 Ideas To Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

7 Ideas To Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

A few things are better than resting in your backyard after a hard day. Research shows that most people love to spend their evenings sitting in their backyard or porch. Perhaps you don’t feel the same way, but this could be because your outdoor space has not been prepared for relaxation and recreation. With so many suggestions available, you can’t help but wonder what would work for you. You don’t have to worry- below is a collection of seven great ideas for extending your outdoor living area.

Invest in a pergola 

Pergolas can instantly add a lot of beauty to your outdoor space. This fantastic concept will allow you to rest in your yard while feeling as if you are far away from the city. Spending time outdoors will become an addictive behaviour with some couches and armchairs with comfy cushions. After a hard day, light a fire, drink a bottle of wine, grab your favourite book and relax.

Create an outdoor kitchen 

Outdoor kitchens are an excellent addition to any outdoor living space. It is envisioned as a complete unit, although the designs can range from simple to spectacular. On the most basic level, there is a built-in or stand-alone grill area, a countertop, and eating areas. When thinking more lavishly, you can include a sink, a mini fridge, and unique culinary equipment such as a pizza oven. The best thing is that an outdoor kitchen may be as large or as little as you want it to be.

You should also consider how you will use the area. Do you cook for a small household, or do you enjoy hosting huge gatherings? Do you require storage or, at the very least, a place to store all of your spices and culinary utensils? Remember to also consider the illumination and the distance from the kitchen.

Seating is important too

Seating does not have to be limited to the designated lounge area; it can be strategically positioned throughout your outdoor space to create secluded nooks for calm isolation. Arbor benches, porch swings, Adirondack chairs and hammocks are all options for alternative sitting.

Consider patio roof extensions 

They are great for increasing the size of your outdoor patio, and protecting it from unfavourable weather conditions. They also give shade on hot days and reduce the accumulation of leaves and trash while still enabling you to enjoy your time outdoors. There are several materials to choose from. It is advisable to contact a specialist to recommend the material and type of patio roof expansion that best matches your home’s design based on your preference. As a tip, consider visiting stores like the Clear Amber Shop, as they have a variety of roofing sheets that will surely cater for your needs.

Try sunrooms and screened-in porches

The beauty of sunrooms and screened-in porches is that they allow you to enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the weather conditions. This means you can spend more time in nature. Moreover, having them can help you expand your interior living area to the outside. These indoor/outdoor rooms are ideal for gardening, bird watching, resting and other activities. They are also useful for preventing summer pests.

Add a touch of heating element

Bonfires can be built-in or stand-alone. Both can be wood-burning or gas-powered. Fire pits that stand alone are ideal for moving about the yard. A built-in firepit, on the other hand, is an excellent way to define your outdoor living space. Other heating components include fireplaces and patio heaters. Patio heaters come in ceiling-mount, tabletop, and free-standing designs, sizes and power ratings. These are great options for folks who want heat without smoke that comes with firepits.

Install lighting 

Add lights to your outdoor living space to make it usable any time of the day. Light can be an inexpensive method to change the appearance and feel of an outdoor space. There are four types of backyard lighting you can consider installing. For instance, illuminating safety lighting helps to deter prowlers and improves navigation at night or during twilight hours. This includes pathway lighting, flood and step lights. Landscape lighting is also another type of light suitable for outdoors. They highlight your gorgeous plants and can be placed between your hedges and other landscaping. They are an excellent complement to safety lights, indicating where people should not step.

Furthermore, consider focused lighting to be similar to spotlights. These lights provide drama by lighting sculptures, walls and other objects. Lastly, ambience lighting includes string lights, low deck/patio lights and under-wall lights. Their function is to give a glow and not necessarily provide safety or focus.

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