7 Improvements To Make To Business Surroundings

7 Improvements To Make To Business Surroundings

As a business, improvements can always be made. For the benefit of the company and all employees that make up the workforce, a productive and efficient working environment is key.

With that being said, there are plenty of ways that a business can be improved within the realms of its own surroundings. This article will help those looking to make the necessary changes to its operations and how the business is run generally. By the end, all the information provided should help those who want to level up their business surroundings for the better.


Why is it useful to improve business surroundings?

When it comes to a business environment, it’s important to make the space that employees work in, to be productive. Not only that but the way a business is presented is noticeable. Noticed by both employees and clients alike. All of which contribute to the representation of the business.

Businesses across many industries find it difficult to retain employees, with 63.3% of companies saying it’s harder to retain than to hire individuals. The way a business operates and runs its business can contribute majorly to the happiness and satisfaction of employees. This can extend to both clients and customers too.


1. Consider incorporating mood-changing colours.

Colours can be a positive or negative influence on the space. If chosen correctly, they can improve the mood of staff and those who visit the premises.

Certain colours have a more powerful impression on the mind and so it should be considered carefully, what’s used in the office. From furniture to the colours of the floors and walls, it’s all impressionable on those who are working in it.

For example, light blue is considered a great colour when it comes to improving productivity. Yellow can often cause a distraction, which may be something that’s put in the communal areas used for lunchtimes and social get-togethers.

Picking out colour isn’t just useful for mood but it also impacts the productivity of the workplace. This, in particular, can be extremely useful for businesses looking to improve business operations in this way.


2. Clean up your IT areas.

A messy space is never ideal and especially in the case where there are a lot of electrical products in operation. IT spaces for example can tend to have a multitude of wires in place that can easily become tangled and a danger to the building.

Many find a Poe Switch to be useful to accommodate large-scale IT operations that require network access across many devices. Throwing out any old cables and broken equipment is going to free up the space for new devices and products that come into the office.

Just like any other part of the building, efficiency is key. Make sure this space is kept clean and organised at all times. The last thing any business wants is a cluttered space that ends up becoming a major fire hazard.


3. Speak to employees for suggestions.

Speaking to employees is a great way to understand what improvements can be made within the workplace. Keeping employees happy is essential to any business nowadays, particularly with employee retention being a problem.

With happy employees being 12% more productive, it’s good to ensure that all workers are happy with their current surroundings. As a business owner or manager, it’s hard to have eyes and ears everywhere. In which case, it’s good to speak to employees directly or to gather feedback through anonymity perhaps, on what could be changed or improved.

Involving employees in this feedback is going to help strengthen relationships within the workplace. It also offers validation to employees that they’re being listened to by their peers and those higher up in the business. Creating that feeling of community within the workplace is just as important as anything else.


4. Stomp out workplace bullying.

Bullying in any form is not welcome in this day and age. It should be seen as an opportunity for a business to really showcase its zero policy for such discrimination in the workplace.

Whatever the form of bullying it may be, putting a stop to it immediately is going to leave a lasting impression on all those within the business. Having a workplace bullying policy in place can highlight to everyone in the workforce, what workplace bullying looks like and how to report it.

Laying out the consequences of workplace bullying can also be mentioned in this policy. By stomping out any form of bullying, it creates a happier environment in general for everyone.


5. Aim for a minimalist approach to design.

A minimalist approach to design is a great way of keeping the workplace clean and productive. Too much furniture or clutter is going to be a nightmare for those who are having to work in the space every day of the week.

Whoever is responsible for the design and layout of the building, it may be handy to assess the current situation and make any changes needed. This would typically be the responsibility of the building operations. By putting together a meeting and a plan of how to move forward with a minimalist design, it helps create a better working environment in general.

There’s plenty of inspiration online when it comes to office building designs and trending layouts that are helping the businesses of today, achieve more success.


6. Declutter the space where needed.

Talking of space, decluttering it is key. On every floor, however many there may be, it’s good to keep it all free of clutter. Just like within a domestic household, employees can collect a lot of clutter that isn’t really needed.

From broken equipment to mountains of paperwork that could be digitised and removed from their desk, it’s all helpful to tackle.

It starts within each department and each individual worker, making changes to their daily habits. Clearing desks at the end of the day can be a good habit to create in order to minimise any unnecessary debris.

Again, for building operations, it’s a task that can be overseen by them but it really needs to involve all those within the workforce.


7. Think about business branding.

It’s important to see the business in its physical form as being part of the overall branding of the company. How you decorate the space and how employees dress, for example, all influence business branding.

In fact, 96% of companies believe employer brand and reputation can both positively and negatively impact revenue.

Consider what’s currently being displayed on the business premises that are relative to the company branding. From company stationery to the visual appearance of the reception, it’s all influential in improving the presentation of the business.

If it’s a difficult subject to broach, then getting outside help may be required. Speaking to branding agencies can be a good starting point in helping improve the way your business premises are presented this year and beyond.

Again, it may be helpful to connect with employers within the business. This is especially useful when it comes to those in the marketing and design departments – if they exist that is.


Make positive changes for the business in 2022

There are plenty of ways that a business can improve its surroundings. With branding and presentation being a big influence for businesses in 2022, it’s important that a focus is put on this aspect of the company.

Hopefully, as a business, there are plenty of suggestions to get started on. Use this as a springboard to help the business grow from strength to strength this year.


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