7 Thoughtful Things You Can Do for Your Parents

Where would we be without our parents? Parents spend a good portion of their lives providing endless support and unconditional love to their children. Whether it’s an upcoming holiday or a special occasion, there are plenty of times when they deserve to receive all that tender love and care that they have given us.

Presents are beautiful, but acts of service are just as meaningful. Here are seven thoughtful things you can do (and get) for your parents.


1. Give the gift of everlasting memories with a photo manager.

It’s likely that you’re familiar with good, old fashion scrapbooks. Within these adorned books, favorite photos are treasured. As technology advanced, these scrapbooks may have been replaced with social media platforms that showcased the inner circle of family and friends. In an age where a lot of photos have become digital, it’s helpful to get your parents up to speed.

Meet IBI is a storage device that acts as a smart photo manager for your photos and videos. IBI has a simple set up: after you’ve plugged in the device and downloaded the IBI app, IBI will collect all of your photos and videos from your google drive, social media accounts, and similar devices that you use. Once your media is stored, IBI sets up an inner circle for you. Within this inner circle, you’ll be able to share your storage with your family members and friends. IBI is a gift that will keep on giving, and your parents would greatly appreciate this thoughtful gesture.


2. Consider building an accessory dwelling unit.

Home improvement is a dream that many long-term homeowners have. But what if you could turn a home improvement project into a gift for your parents? No, we’re not talking about remodeling the kitchen for Thanksgiving dinner (though that would be nice!), we’re talking about adding an accessory dwelling unit to your backyard!

Levi Construction, for example, offers several services for home improvement, including ADU Los Angeles services. An accessory dwelling unit (affectionately known as a granny flat) is an additional housing unit that is added on with the primary dwelling of the main house—its main purpose is to house elderly parents.


Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay


3. Get together for tea.

Teatime is a great way to inject some positive energy into your lives. There are few things that warm your heart more than catching up with your parents over a cup of tea.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in the same city as your parents, it’d be a sweet gesture to drop by for a hot take (or two).


4. Buy them a beautiful plant.

Plants are not only gorgeous, but they are known for cleaning the air of your personal spaces. Plants can also be a meaningful hobby to practice self-care; tending to plants is a way to tend to yourself as well.

Grant your parents the gift of a beautiful plant to look after by shopping at Grounded, an online plant shop. If your parents already have a garden, a great way to relieve them would be to stop by and water the plants yourself.


Image by Maggie Morrill from Pixabay


5. Go to a fancy dinner.

Nothing is better than sitting down in front of a good, home-cooked meal, but maybe it’s time to take your parents out for an unforgettable night of delight. Your parents have spent a great deal of time cooking from you, so it’s only fair that you return the favor!

Roll up your sleeves and dive into the kitchen to prepare a grand meal out of love. If you’re not the world’s greatest chef, it’s also a good idea to treat them to a lovely dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. Just be sure to pick up the check!


6. Try being the chauffer for a change.

It can be sad to watch your parents get older, but it helps when you step in to assist them in every way possible. This includes taking charge of situations such as running errands; offering to drive them around all day can make a huge difference.

Driving can be exhausting, and your parents will appreciate having the opportunity to sit back and relax for the ride.


Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay


7. Call them, often.

Sometimes the most meaningful gestures are the smallest ones. Home is only one phone call away.

Your parents would love to hear from you on random occasions; make a habit to pick up the phone more.


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