8 Ways To Free Up More Of Your Time To Run Your Business

8 Ways To Free Up More Of Your Time To Run Your Business

Being a business owner requires you to wear many hats and take on multiple roles and tasks at once. When you spread yourself too thin or don’t know when to say no to others, then you risk becoming overwhelmed and having no time to actually manage and improve your company.

If you’re ready to make a change in the right direction, then learn eight ways to free up more of your time to run your business. You’ll thank yourself for doing so when you see how much more progress you’re able to make, and that you can get it all done when you get organised and prioritise your work.


1. Hire the Right Employees & Delegate to Them

One reason you may not have a lot of time in your day is that you’re trying to do all the work yourself. Free up more of your time to run your business by hiring the right employees and then delegating appropriate tasks to them.

Maximize the hours in each day by putting more trust in your staff to complete the projects and assignments that are best suited for them. It’s a great way to keep them challenged and engaged at work, and you may even realize that there are employees who you can promote to help you tackle more complicated and management-level tasks.


2. Outsource IT & Technology

Free up more of your time to run your business by being honest about what you don’t know or areas you struggle to keep up. IT and technology are essential to you running a profitable and successful company, but may not be your strong suit.

If you’re going to have more time back in your day and keep your business safe, secure, and running smoothly, then consider hiring Managed IT Services. In addition to having experts performing the work, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you have backup and disaster recovery and dedicated hosting services in place.


3. Stay Focused on Work at Work

It can be easy to try to multitask, take care of personal to-dos, or start planning for the weekend when you’re at work but it’s only going to slow you down. Instead, commit to staying focused on work when you’re at work and leaving the other tasks for another time. You’ll find there’s more time than you assumed when you are only tackling stuff that has to do with your business.

Make and follow a daily and weekly to-do list and put these items in priority order so that you have a reasonable stopping point each day when it’s time to go home. Set firm deadlines so that you stay on course and know what due dates are soon approaching.


4. Avoid Wasting Time Online or Talking

Pay attention to how much time you’re spending online or talking about non-work topics at the office. While it’s good and okay to take breaks once in a while, you also don’t want to be wasting precious hours aimlessly scrolling online and having side conversations with others.

Free up more of your time to run your business by implementing a routine and schedule and sticking to it at work. You’ll get more done and feel better about what you achieved at the end of the day when you eliminate distractions and waste less time overall.


5. Get A Business Partner

There may be too much for you to do and handle as a business owner who’s trying to grow your company. Therefore, you may want to consider hiring help such as a business partner who can step in and free up more of your time. For example, maybe you want someone who is a finance expert or strategic thinker and to whom you can delegate certain high-level tasks as you focus on what you’re good at. It’s not only useful for freeing up your time, but it’ll be nice to have someone who’s at your level that you can bounce ideas off and consult with on particular matters.


6. Automate Where Possible

There are also possibilities to automate some tasks instead of doing them manually and performing a lot of repetition. Take advantage of technology and implement solutions such as finding out more about what is ap automation that help you work faster and smarter.

Free up more of your time to run your business by setting up more automation at your workplace and eliminate using your time to produce the same types of reports over and over again that you can leave up to a computer or someone else. Batch tasks together and perform a time audit so you can see for yourself which mundane to-dos are taking up the most time in your day.


7. Make Use of the Early Morning

Think about what your mornings look like and in what ways you may be able to be more productive during these hours. For example, if you take public transportation to work, then maybe you can complete and work on some tasks or make a phone call during your commute.

On the other hand, maybe you can wake up early at home and tackle some to-dos in your home office before heading to your job. Save jobs that you can work through quickly for the early morning, and then get ready to focus and work hard on other more essential projects once you’re at the office.


8. Say No to Some Things

Remind yourself that you’re only one person and that there’s only so much time in one day. One way to free up more of your time to run your business is to learn to say no to some things. Think through your goals and set priorities, and then let anything else go that doesn’t fit into this bigger picture.

Avoid overcommitting at work and in your personal life and trying to juggle too much at once. Running a business will require you to make some sacrifices and figure out what’s truly the most important and needs your attention. Say no and do so without feeling guilty, knowing you’re doing what’s best for you and your company.


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