Essential Things to Think About When Planning a Corporate Event

Essential Things to Think About When Planning a Corporate Event

Meticulous planning is vital for a successful corporate event. As the famous saying goes “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Whether you are planning to launch a new product, or are trying to impress clients and stakeholders, there are some essential things you should consider to make it a conference to remember. Every decision you make will impact the event. Here are some essential things you should consider while planning for your important event.


#1 Intention

Every corporate event should have a specific intention. Make sure you know exactly what the purpose of the event is, and the end goal. Is it to increase brand awareness, launch a product or service, or perhaps win a client contract? Once you are clear on the objectives, you can use this as the basis for every decision that you make, from the guest list to the entertainment.


#2 Time and budget 

The time and date of your event are vital. For starters, you should always consider any major holidays or sporting events, and ensure that your corporate event does not clash with anything important that is likely to impact the attendance. You should also consider the theme and activities, for example, if you are hosting a party whereby attendees are invited to watch entertainment and drink alcohol, the turnout and atmosphere will be much better if it is hosted on a Friday (when there is no work the next day) than a Tuesday, when they have a whole work week to endure. You will also need to ensure you give yourself sufficient time to plan and give your attendees enough time to consider the invitation.

You need to be clear on your budget, and leave yourself a small reserve fund of at least 10% as costs can often change and will cover any unexpected fees. When you are clear on the budget, you will be able to make your decisions and prioritise the right elements of your event.


#3 Accessibility 

Make sure you are clear on who this event is for, and any requirements or needs they may have. Not only should you make the time and date of the event accessible, but also the location, the entertainment, the food and the amenities. The location of the event should be in a place that attendees can get to, which means close to main roads with sufficient parking, public transport and hotels. Make sure you ask attendees for any special requirements of the building, and dietary requirements beforehand. Gather as much information as you can early on, so you can build this into your planning.


#4 Technology 

Technology can make or break your event. It opens a world of opportunities for presentations, accessibility and entertainment, however, if used incorrectly, or is faulty, your event may be compromised. You may therefore wish to speak to the building manager to learn more about their setup, and enlist the help of conference management services, to ensure you have a professional to help with your set-up. An important corporate event cannot afford any technical issues during the event.


When planning an important corporate event, make sure you set an intention for the event, consider the time and budget you have to work with, make it accessible as possible for your attendees, and ensure the technology works for you, and not against you.

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