A New Home Is Within Reach, Budget Well

Looking to renovate your apartment on a low budget? Want to know what options are available to you within your budget? You can do this only through proper renovation planning, just as you can read on this page (and even view the pictures that explain its contents).

Enrich your knowledge regarding the right way to maximize your renovation budget – we have presented a number of budgets and one recommended way to renovate your apartment within the budget. Do you need to consider new systems, such as welding services or plumbing services?

Before you go through the ‘table of contents’ to the desired budget, we remind you that the first tip, regardless of your budget, is to compare prices. Be sure to compare prices for your renovation through the website (call the call center or leave your request), and receive various offers from only reliable and professional professionals in your area of residence and choose the best offer. Just before you start, watch a video to help you plan your renovation properly:


Painting the apartment – You can paint the whole apartment and give it a completely new look, it is also recommended choosing one wall (whether in one of the rooms or one wig in the living room) and paint the same wall in a more special color, for a decorative look.  


Renovating the kitchen – painting the kitchen cabinets and adding cabinets as needed will give us a perfect solution for a kitchen that looks brand new. 



New faucets and sinks – Replacing all the faucets and sinks in the house will also give us a sense of luxury, and will also contribute to the design aspect. In general, faucets accumulate wear and tear, which is reflected in bacteria, so why not upgrade to sanitary as well? Replacing the faucet and sink in the kitchen, bathroom, and guest bathroom will cost a few thousand. 


Decorative accessories and lighting fixtures – we will upgrade all the spaces with designed accessories such as pictures, decorative flower pots, and even iron libraries to create a buffer between spaces. By purchasing a light fixture standing in the living room, we will also get a sense of modernity, recommend investing in useful and quality accessories, because if you are already renovating the apartment – this is the main trick to impress guests (or tenants, if the apartment is for investment). 


Small repairs and related expenses – during the renovation it is worth paying attention to small things, such as cracks in the wall, peeling along the ceilings, and other small renovations such as decaying window frames. You may need new power points, and you may even want to hire cleaning services after the renovation. 


Apartment flooring – If you choose to paste new tiles on top of the old ones, you will significantly reduce the costs, but this has different consequences. Therefore, it is important to make sure with the professional that it will indeed be possible to tile on top of the existing flooring. You may need to cut some lengths of the doors at the bottom, for example, and so you need to make sure your plans are done thoroughly if you are not hiring professionals. Flooring can cost a few hundred, so be sure to look at professional companies that will be able to help you further. 



Refurbished bathroom – Replacing the bathtub with a glass shower (standard size), bathroom flooring and replacing the sink and faucet with a brand new bathroom. 


Painting the apartment – the easiest part of the renovation, the most cost-effective and the most basic is without a doubt the painting work. Painting an apartment with a size of 100 square meters does not involve excessive costs, and you can even decide to combine different colors in certain parts of the house to create a more designed look (for example in the bedroom or living room walls). 


Upgrading the living room – it’s time to throw away the old sofas (if they are indeed in bad shape) objects and new couches. by adding one armchair in a different color from the couches to the salon depth, certainly if you take care to introduce a light fixture next to her, or stand near a decorative wall (see the section talks about painting the apartment). 


Your new home is undoubtedly a haven for you and your family or whoever you choose to invite inside. Therefore, being sure that you have things within budget and that you are aware of the costs and things that are likely to need changing, you can create something incredible.



Images from Pixabay

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