Keeping The Heat Off: Shading Your Home From The Summer Sun

Sunlight is an incredibly powerful force. Packed with a range of different types of radiation, this essential element of the world has the power to drastically change the temperatures that people experience. The inside of your home is no exception to this, with the sun making it very hard to live indoors in some places during summer.

Let’s take a look at some of the options you have to overcome this sort of issue, giving you the chance to shade your home from the sun without having to spend a fortune in the process. This sort of work can be very worthwhile when you live somewhere that is hot for much of the year.


Blinds & Curtains

Blinds and curtains have long been two of the most popular ways to keep a home private, but they can also provide you with the means to shade your home, too.

Blocking the light from coming through your windows can make it much easier to keep a room cool during summer, with much less of the sun’s energy finding its way into your home. The best blinds for this are those that are able to block the light entirely, but it’s also worth thinking about ease of use.



Tree/Plant Coverage

Many homes have outdoor spaces that are perfect for growing plants. These spaces can be a good source for shade, with trees and other large plants having the power to keep the sun off of your home. Of course, this option will take longer than the others in this post, as you may have to wait for your plants to mature if they haven’t already. This option can be done almost entirely for free, making it good for those who are on a tight budget.



Much like curtains, screens are another good way to keep your home shady during summer. Screens can attach to the outside of your place, making them nice and discrete, while also letting you keep your windows and doors open without having to worry about insects getting inside.

This can be an excellent choice for those who don’t mind changing the outside of their property, with many companies selling screens are very low prices.



Window Coatings

Finally, as the last option to consider, it’s time to think about shade that you will barely be able to see. Window coatings can be used to block certain types of light, giving you the power to remove the heat-building UV rays from the light that comes into your home. This can keep your home nice and cool while also letting you benefit from the visible light that comes from the sun.


Keeping a home cool during summer can be a big challenge in many parts of the world. While this process may seem unimportant, you will certainly thank yourself once the hotter months roll around and you have the chance to keep yourself cool.



Images from Pixabay

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