A Nomad’s charm from Pandora: the Passport

Have you seen the new Pandora Charms regarding Summer and traveling?

I got a wonderful surprise!

I can’t say I am from or I miss a country.

Of course I know my roots, but traveling is part on how I grew up and after I got my monetary independence, I worked and traveled in so many countries, that missing each or anything from them would be too depressing.

I consider myself a citizen of the world.
I like to be a Nomad and experience new cultures and new people, new food, new plans and nothing makes me more happy than arrive to a new airport and hear new languages.

Traveling and getting outside of your cocoon makes from you a cultural person and open minded to new challenges. You will grow and you won’t even notice that. If you are scared of traveling, don’t be. Anything can happen but be positive and conquer your fears, push yourself to those boundaries because the memories that will stay will be engraved in you better than a tattoo. Good or Bad, embrace them.

Those experiences will really be used in any moment in your life and that’s when you say: oh! I know this, I learned there and it was a positive thing after all.

My Passport is my license to travel.

The Jewel Hut sent me the new Pandora charm from this Summer season, season of travels in a Passport shape.

Elegant in silver, with cubic zirconia, this charm is a dropper charm and perfect for a person with a background like me, and a perfect gift for anyone that travels a lot.

My Pandora bracelet contains gifts from friends, family, my passed dog, travels…
I have more charms, but I like it to be minimal and not to full.

What do you think of this charm by Pandora?

You can find this Pandora Charm in The Jewel Hut

Cheerio #Pandoracharms

Thank you to the Jewel Hut and the TBP
My opinion is honest and Unbiased

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