April Beauty Products Haul

New video this time talking about some products I have been testing this past month of april.

See the full video


Products tested and my score (from 1 to 5, being 5 the best score):

  • Science of Skin Solution for Scars (5/5)
  • Fullips – Lip enhancer (5/5 if used properly, follow the instructions and the timing and you’re good)
  • Billion Dollar smile (5/5)
  • Hair Chalks (2/5)
  • Cocoa Brown Tanning products (5/5)

Remember that if I get any product that I don’t like simply wont talk about it, for example the Hair Chalks I gave 2 out of 5 since it’s my choice. It doesn’t mean its bad, I simply think is a trend overrated and can seriously damage your hair even if you DO follow the instructions. It can be cute for a fun day other than that is waste of money. But is my opinion ok?

What do you think?

Cheerio #aprilhaul

Thank you to Science of Skin, Cocoa Brown and Marissa Carter, Linda and Fullips, 
Billion Dollar Smile.

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