Arranging a Bedroom Layout – the Do’s and the Don’t

This may seem like a trivial topic, but it is actually of great significance! Now that most of us work from home, exercise at home, and spend nearly every waking night at home, it is so important that we love our homes.

In particular, the bedroom. It’s the place of respite and a place to escape the humdrum of the day; whether it be with a loved one or alone – it’s meant to be a place of harmony. So, how can you utilise the space for peace of mind? How can you arrange your bedroom layout so that you love it as much as the rest of your house?

There is so much potential for a bedroom layout due to different shapes and sizes; some are more functional, and some, more relaxing. You may have room for a dressing table or a seating area. It just depends on what works for you and your space. It’s important to think of the basics; for example, what furniture needs to be within your bedroom, remember don’t focus on the things you like first – focus on the things you need.

Then, work out how best it might fit into your layout – if there is room left over, then add more. It might seem ridiculous, but the process could go very right or very wrong depending on the space, so here are do’s and don’t on creating bedroom layouts that optimise the space.



Bedroom Layout Do’s and Don’t

Do – leave some room between a bedside table and the bed. Many people measure everything in one line, but it’s important to realise that you might not want your furniture touching – to risk it seeming more cluttered. 10cm space between a bedside table and a bed is recommended. But if you have drawers instead, make sure the duvet doesn’t get caught in the drawers.


Don’t – Assume a King Size bed will fit in the room. Spaces are unfortunately getting smaller, so measuring the bed is immensely important. Otherwise, how can you fit any other essentials?


Do – make sure there is at least 50cm between the end of the bed and wall. Because if you have wardrobes, you don’t want the doors to open and hit the bed. You want room to walk around and to breathe. 


Don’t – always think you need to have a headboard! It can look aesthetically pleasing and be a nice statement piece, however, it also takes up a lot of valuable space, and your bedroom might not have that available. You can still create the illusion by painting a section of the wall or with some huge pillows. 


Don’t – fill the room with too much furniture; as tempting as it may be. You want your bedroom to be relaxing – but if it’s cluttered, it can disturb the mind. You may need more storage space but try not to fill up the bedroom, and if you really need to, you can always add more later on. 


Do – what makes you happy and what you want, this will be your bedroom that you will be living in. It will be your sanctuary and haven, so don’t worry about conventions and do what you want.



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