Baby / Kids Food Pouches Review

Baby Food Pouches

Everyone tries their best to feed proper food, specially homemade with all the fresh and organic ingredients, or what with they have, for the sake of their child.
Of course I’m no exception and Even though I buy organic baby food jars for an emergency, I make my own baby food, try new ingredients, new fruits, new flavours, in order for my baby (almost 8 months now) to open up to a variety of new things to his palate and know different textures and ingredients.

Now he is eating proper food at lunch and diner, and trying new recipes, I decided to make bigger portions to freeze, so i could plan a week meal, without having to cook everyday and be a practical and have a variety of meals and fruit purees.
(I will lately post some recipes for Stage 2/3).

My main problem is that my freezer is not big enough for all the things.

So I decided to check out for the famous baby food pouches.
Everything so practical, reusable, could go to the washing machine and occupy less space than Tupperware’s…

What the brand says about it:

Pack of 10 food weaning pouches. Enables you to store home made pureed meals and separate them out into portions needed for your child. You can take the food pouch anywhere with you, thanks to the double zip lock there is no danger of spills and mess. This food pouch makes feeding on the go simple and stress free. Fully safety tested, complies with all UK and EU Standards. The KOKO food weaning pouches are BPA free and come pre-sterilised. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Suitable from 4 months +. Part of a new innovative KOKO weaning range.

I was soon happy, new ideas to make, everything wonderful until… you realise some faults in the baby pouches.

1 – you put the food in the bowl (I was at home and he don’t know how to use the pouch aka drink from it).
2 – See that I couldn’t took all the food from the pouch.
3 – I opened the pouch (that’s why they are reusable)
4 – see that the food is all stuck in the pipe.

The fault is:
You cannot take all the food out (loosing food), you can wash it very good or put it in the washing machine and still bits of food will get inside near the pipe, it will last lot of days to the water drain inside.

The brand I bought and how are the pouches

My review?
I’m not saying bad from this brand, not at all!
I’m saying that it’s not so wonderful, it’s not practical and I will use mine for 2 or 3 more times and throw them away.
Even washing them by hand, they can’t dry properly and you never take out the 150ml out of it.

For me is a no no.


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