Big Impact: How To Support Charities All 4 Seasons

Big Impact: How To Support Charities All 4 Seasons

Although the holiday season is a popular time for charitable giving, organizations need assistance year-round! Fortunately, you can support charities in all four seasons with different strategies. Check out some great ideas for each season below!


One of the best ways to help charities during the spring is by participating in charity walks or runs. These events are nationwide and can raise awareness and funds for a specific charity. Whether you walk or run, you will support the charity’s cause.

Another way that you can support charities in the spring is through a garage sale. This is a great opportunity to declutter your home, and the proceeds can go toward your preferred charity. Consider this spring-cleaning with a purpose!


During the summer, opportunities abound to volunteer for charity events and nonprofits. For example, some organizations host festivals or benefit concerts, requiring volunteers to help with tasks. You can set up or tear down booths, clean up, and assist with activities.

Another way to help during the summer is by organizing a charity car wash. You can cool off while helping an organization. Overall, summer is a fantastic season to get outside, enjoy favorable weather, and support those in need.


Admittedly, fall is the best time to donate to charity because there are more opportunities for giving. It’s an ideal time to donate food to a local food bank or shelter. You can also volunteer at a children’s shelter or host a charity dinner party. Depending on your location, fall is also a suitable time for a charity 5k. In fall, you have tons of ways to give back to your community and help charities prepare for winter.


Out of all four seasons, it may seem the most challenging to support charities in winter because of the cold weather. However, you can still have a big impact during this season. You can donate warm clothing to a local shelter or provide toys to children in need during the holiday season. You can also donate online or sponsor a family.

Likewise, consider giving back to the community by hosting a charity holiday party and asking guests to make a monetary donation to a chosen charity instead of a tangible gift.

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