The Essentials of an Oil Drilling Rig

Oil drilling rigs are essential to the economy, seeing as oil is one of the most valuable commodities. The oil drilled from these rigs is used for various essential purposes, like making fuel for airplanes and cars so that people can travel to where they need to.

Oil has also been the world’s leading source of energy since the 1950s, so it’s safe to say that we would be in pretty big trouble if these oil rigs didn’t work as tirelessly as they do to produce oil for the world. That said, looking in from the outside into the processes of an oil rig may be confusing at first, but it doesn’t have to be! There are essentials in regards to drilling for oil, like crucial tools and equipment that would otherwise not make it possible for people to drill for oil.

Below are some of these essential tools and their uses, providing a clearer picture of exactly what goes on on an oil drilling rig.


Elevator Spiders

No, it’s not what you think – these elevator spiders found on an oil drilling rig are not for the employees who are too lazy to take the stairs, but it actually serves a much more pivotal role at the site. These Elevator/Spiders are utilized to raise and lower the drilling pipe out of and into the drilling hole by fastening around the top part of the drill string’s pipe joints. Without the elevator, the entire rig would come to a complete standstill. Elevator spiders can hold a capacity of 250- to a whopping 750 tons and save a lot of space for rig workers to have more room to operate in a safer work environment.



Drill Pipe

The drilling pipe is the centerpiece of the drilling rig. This tubing is made from either steel or aluminum alloy and is hollow to allow drilling fluid to be pumped down into the hole and back up again. The pipe is usually around 32 feet long and fits together with tool joints. The elevator spider mentioned above is attached to the drill pipe and lifts it vertically from the hole. These drill pipes need to be extremely durable, seeing as they need to hold the weight of all the deeper drilling components.


Engine Generator sets

The engine generator sets are what provide power for the drilling rig. The generator is usually powered by diesel, liquified petroleum gas, or gasoline and is one of the most critical parts of the rig. Some of the more modern rigs use electric-powered generators that power electric motors to function – this eliminates the need for diesel or other fuels.

This conversion of energy sources was due to operators looking for ways to increase the available power provided by the generator and lower the maintenance needed by these machines and decrease fuel consumption.


These are just some of the essential equipment needed to operate a successful drilling rig. It is vital sometimes to acquaint yourself with all the operations’ details that provide the world with all the resources it needs to sustain a more favorable economy, thereby making life much easier and more comfortable for everyone!



Images from Pixabay

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