Choc Mallow Melt Cookie Kit (by Bakedin)


I came across Bakedin in my Internet travelling, and seriously, thank goodness I reached there.

Have you ever made those bake in the mug recipes that are all so great in a youtube video or Pinterest? have you ever try it?

Well…I tried those online recipes and tried and none of them were edible to eat!

That’s one of the things that I really liked Bakedin website:

  • They have already and easy to follow mug cakes (as call it…it’s mug not mud).

  • They have a large variety, even Gluten free, and inside each box you have a super cool organization and easy to follow instructions.

  • Of course they not only have the Mug cakes, they have cookies and cakes kits ready to make.

Loved the organization!

The Instructions are easy to follow

You want easier that these instructions?

As I show, in my video, what was the result, of my first time making the 
Choc mallow Cookie Kit


Easy right?

They thought about kids as well, so the kits can be made by anyone!

I am trying the Mug cakes but I haven’t filmed yet (eating a lot yes but not filming)

But here is the thing with Bakedin:

You can either buy the kits online (Harrods, Selfridges, Lakeland, Wholefoods and some farms) that you want to try, or you can enter on their super duper Baking Club!

Why not give it a go?
(click the logo below to be redirected to Bakedin website)

As soon as I (stop eating) make the movie about the mug cakes you will be the first to know, just keep an Eye on ArtsMum Youtube channel:

Bakedin gets ArtsMum 5 star Award

Cheerio #keepmunching

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