Things I find in the Media (HALLOWEEN EDITION – RECIPES)

Halloween time!!

Easy recipes I found for you and the kids to enjoy (parents enjoy for being easy!)
Creepy Chilli: use cheddar to cut some bats and creepy crawlers

Hummus in the Pumpkin Case (garnish with veggies)
Spider Web Soup – use cream to make the spider web and a tooth pick
Witch Hat Calzone
Candy filled Witches hat – use chocolate ice cream cones and cookies,
fill them with surprises
Broomstick bites – Pretzel sticks and cheese strings in the end.
Serve them with a cauldron of hot cheese brew
Mummy Wraps – sausage mummies in puff pastry.
for the eyes use little capers
Slime-Ade: Tutti-Frutti jello (or any other color you want)
with some jelly worms inside and outside
Frozen Banana Ghosts – bananas covered in white chocolate
and go to the freezer for some hours
Spider web muffins
Really Easy Pumpkin Pie (click to see full recipe)
Nacho O’Latern Ball… It has nachos, it has cheese and crisps…
Coffin Sandwiches
Green Goblin Eggs – make with quail eggs and green food color.
crack the warm eggs and add the green color so it enters the cracks and wait for the magic.
Halloween Punch or Witches Brew: make your favourite punch and pick a white rubber glove, fill it with water and tie, put it on the freezer and it will cool the punch.
What is your favourite recipe for this season?
Cheerio #Halloween2015

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