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January is, by excellency, the month when everyone thinks fiercely to loose weight… 
I am no exception after all the cooking from the Christmas and New year parties but I am sticking to it since I still need to loose some “baby” weight (will keep you posted on Instagram).

I have a huge problem with shoes, boots or trainers: I have a flat plant sole and not everywhere can sell specific shoes or have them in store, sometimes I need to buy online but as I have this problem, i am scared about buying and then it won’t be comfortable or won’t fit properly and the brand or seller won’t take my shoes…you know what I am talking about.

Cloggs is an online (and high street shop as well) that showed me the complete opposite and I am very happy with their services.
Not only for me but for my son RJ.

I got my new Sketchers Flex Appeal trainers

Sketchers Flex Appeal, are the most light trainers I ever had, and superb comfort since it has a memory foam insole…yes memory foam. You can run, jump and still you are comfortable and the impact is zero.
I completely say yes to this Sketchers and recommend.

And for RJ:

I got this Lacoste trainers for RJ, the classic version of the Lacoste brand.
First and utmost because I wanted RJ to have a good pair of trainers, secondly because Cloggs is having a sale (run…click below to be redirected because it’s really worth it for your little ones and for us).

About Cloggs:
They were one of the first online shops in 1998. 
For those who don’t get it, buying online in the end of the 90’s was a thing out of the world since not everyone had internet, so this was a great feature back then.
They have the online shop and 3 High Street shops.

When something is wrong with your shoes:
Not a problem. Cloggs send (inside the package) a return stamp, in which you only need to post it. You will get either your money back or a different number of the same model. Easy easy and quickly.
Loved this!
Definitely a must bookmark online shop and will buy again!

For more information on the online shop please click below

Cheerio #cloggs

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