Panasonic Wings Earphones

I am picky with earphones or Headphones. I am!
My ears are so little, they are literally the size of my 2 year old son, and he is not big.

The joke in my family about them is that my parents forgot till the last time to make them.
So I have a certain problem while wearing earphones in-ear because they won’t fit or enter, or they will fall off because they won’t fit the ear or they will hurt because of the pressure.
That’s why i normally use big Headphones so all the ear fits inside (and this conversation could be another blog post).
UNTIL Panasonic Wings arrive!

At first, when I read about them I really wasn’t sure they would fit. but I decided to give it a try since…it’s Panasonic.

I like to write or edit videos while hearing loud music (with headphones…you know – I am a mum!) and normally a full range of music is appreciated sometimes.

The Wings are a type of earphone that will cover the outlet of the ear and uses a bud in-ear, while having a switch, a usb entrance and is bluetooth connected to any device that has it.

The experience:

I had to try several times for it to fit perfectly in my ear. i changed to the smallest of the buds and now I KNOW how to wear them perfectly and they will stay in place. Is just a matter of you trying it first a couple of times to fit in the best place for your ear, then it will be quick to put them on on the go.


  • fit (finally) in my tiny ears
  • bluetooth – no tangling
  • USB charging
  • comfortable
  • Great sound and bass
  • portable and flexible
  • cool design
  • excellent brand



  • The design and colour could be more stylish and sleek
  • A range of colours


My 2 cents:

Excellent! I love them to wear at home while doing my writing or even dancing on my own, go to the gym or even outside in the garden while reading my book.

The fit really well and the sound is amazing, fit smaller ears and charges really quick: 15 minutes of charge.

The quality is really good.

Overall it’s worth a solid  5/5!


See the video about it:

What do you think about it?


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