Curse of the Werewolf Boy by Chris Priestley

Brand new series Maudlin Towers, brings the mystic of Magic to our hands.


We shall be detectives, Sponge!’ exclaimed Mildew. ‘We shall solve the Mystery of the School Spoon!’

Mildew and Sponge don’t think much of Maudlin Towers, the blackened, gloom-laden, gargoyle-infested monstrosity that is their school. But when somebody steals the School Spoon and the teachers threaten to cancel the Christmas holidays until the culprit is found, our heroes must spring into action and solve the crime!

But what starts out as a classic bit of detective quickly becomes weirder than they could have imagined. Who is the ghost in the attic? What’s their history teacher doing with a time machine? And why do a crazy bunch of Vikings seem to think Mildew is a werewolf?

Hugely funny, deliciously creepy and action-packed by turns, this brand new series from Chris Priestley is perfect for 8+ readers who like their mysteries with a bit of bite. Fans of Lemony Snicket and Chris Riddell will love Curse of the Werewolf Boy.



My 2 pence: 

Superb read from author Chris Priestley. Suitable for ages 8 and up, any adult will love this book!

From an author with so much from his background and has influences even from Edgar Allan Poe or Mary Shelley, this brilliant book is full of laughs with sarcasm and an absolutely divine dark sense of humour.

Something I really think my son will enjoy as his sense of humour is just like mine *sniggers*.

A huge praise for this series and for the author, now I am waiting for more from Mildew and Sponge.


About the Author:

Chris Priestley worked as an illustrator and cartoonist for twenty years before becoming a writer.

His books have been nominated for many awards including the Edgar Awards, the UKLA Children’s Book Award and the Carnegie Medal.

The award-winning and critically-acclaimed Tales of Terror series for Bloomsbury feature chilling stories rooted in the tradition of M R James, Saki and Edgar Allan Poe and are available in many languages. Mister Creecher is a novel inspired by, and linked to, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

He has written two illustrated YA novels – Anything That Isn’t This and Superpowerless. In October 2017 he publishes the first in a funny middle-grade series called Maudlin Towers.  Visit for more info on all books


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