Destination Christmas – Family Game Night!


This time with the brand new game from Destination Board Games

Oh Christmas that inspire everyone of us!

It was the first time we tried a Destination Game, and we become addicted (we have to collect them all!).

Let the game begin!! 

The Board

What’s inside the game box

What is the story behind Destination Christmas:

It’s Christmas Eve and disaster strikes! Santa’s reindeer have broken free and left him stranded. He’s stuck on the village green with all the presents, and there’s no way he can deliver them all on foot. His only hope is to get his six top elves to help him This is your chance to save Christmas with your trusty snow cab.

Your elf Snow Taxi and the Present Cards

You and your fellow elves collect a snow cab from the taxi rank and race to Santa, then take a present, find the address and deliver it as fast as possible. But there could be problems along the way.

The Traffic Lights cards: Nice or Nasty?

No comments… Give me a cookie…please!!

Have you got enough petrol? Is the road clear or is there a snow drift? And has Santa actually got the present or do you have to collect it from the toy shop? Fast paced fun for all the family that’s good all year round.

What is the Goal on Destination Christmas:

Be the fastest Snow-taxi Elf that Santa had till today! The end finish when all the presents have been delivered, but by the end the winner is the person with most Santa Vouchers… You could end 1st as the other players but still don’t have the majority of the Santa Vouchers…

Hint: Don’t show your vouchers so your fellow players don’t know how many you have!

Santa Vouchers: 5, 10, 20 and 50

Perfect Gift for this Christmas!!

You can find this game online on the Destination Board Games website

And you can find all the Destination Board Games on John Lewis

We give this game

Thank you to Destination Board Games for the opportunity 
and the fun we had and will have in the future!

Cheerio #familygamenight #destinationChristmas 

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