Ensuring Your New Office Is Fit For Purpose

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If you’re moving into a new office, you need to make sure that it’s able to take care of all of your needs. This means making sure that it’s more than just big enough. There are a few inspections and checks that you should make ahead of time so that you don’t end up moving into a workspace that simply isn’t any good for you.


The safety audit

First of all, go through the workplace, checking out all of the areas that your team, or any customers, clients, or visitors might have access to. You need to take into account any fall hazards, any potential fire hazards, and anything that could potentially leave to a workplace accident. Hiring a team for a safety audit of the workplace might be the most comprehensive way to ensure that you understand and take steps to prevent them from coming to fruition.


Checking the utilities

In part linked to the health and safety regulations that your business is going to have to adhere to, but also crucial to effective operations, you need to make sure that all of your utilities are working as effective. Some might simply go as far as making sure the taps are all working and the power outlets and lights all turn on, but an inspection with the help of commercial electricians like Caslec can help you clear up any doubts. This is especially true of any workplace that relies on a lot of electrical and digital equipment.


Keeping it protected

Safety from injury or internal hazards isn’t the only kind of protection you should ensure. Businesses can be targets for crime, as well, and you need to secure that work environment to keep it as safe from that kind of threat as possible. This can mean installing things like CCTV and exterior lighting to deter would-be criminals, as well as digital security systems to alert you or the authorities if there are any incidents. However, cybersecurity also needs to be a consideration as you’re setting up new networks and digital workstations, as well.


Is the space being used practically?

Not only do you have to think about whether the space is safe, operational, and secure. You also need to make sure that it’s going to meet the needs of the team that works there. To that end, you should consider working with a commercial fit-out team like Office Boy. This way, you can make sure that you’re using the space you have as efficiently and effectively as possible, providing practical workspace for your team while also making sure that you’re positioning your assets to make access to them easy, promoting productivity throughout the space.


If you move into a new office without the essential checks and preparations, you are going to have to put in more work to get it up to standard while your team and assets are all newly moved in. For the sake of saving yourself all that trouble, get on top of your needs now.


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