Take These Steps If You Are Involved In A Workplace Accident

Health and safety are essential in any business. If you ever feel unsafe or are involved in an accident, then it is important to let your company know. Being involved in an accident can have a significant effect on your mental and physical health. Thus, take the necessary steps after an accident at work to get the right support and aid recovery.


Report the incident

After an accident has occurred, it is essential to report it. Not only will this aid your claim, but it will also ensure that nobody else will get hurt from the same issue in the future. For instance, if you hurt yourself on an unstable chair, then this needs to be reported and removed from the workplace before someone else hurts themselves on it. 

Using councilclaims.co.uk you can report and get help with an accident that happened in the workplace. They can offer you free advice so that you know what service you will get before committing to use their service. 


Take photos

There should be CCTV in your workplace, which can be used as evidence for your claim. However, taking your own photos will ensure that you can back up your story and have your own evidence, should you need to show it to a doctor or your health insurer. 

Gathering as much evidence as possible will support your claim and ensure that you can back up your story.


Seek medical help 

Should your accident result in injury or pain, ensure to seek medical help as soon as possible. If the injury is severe, then medical attention should be your first port of call. 

Seeking medical help will ensure that you can aid quicker recovery and not suffer for too long with pain and injury. 

When you do seek medical help, ensure to get notes from your doctor to show your work. You will be entitled to sick leave if you need time off as a result of your workplace accident. Thus, a doctor’s note will verify that you have to have time off to recover and will ensure that you get paid.


Inspect the area and leave it as it is

When an accident has happened, it is important to get someone to check the area to prevent any further damage or injury. 

Then, it is important to leave the area as it is so that photos can be taken and your claim can be thoroughly inspected. When the evidence has been collected, it will be safe to repair the scene so that it is safe again. 


Record the incident in the accident book

Every workplace should have an accident book. If not, then you should request one. You must make sure to report the incident with your employer, an attorney, the local authorities, as well as the accident book. 

This is so that you can record your accident and let the workplace and its staff know what happened. Should nothing be done to make the workplace safer, you will be able to check back to when the event happened and make a claim to make the workplace safer. 


Talk to your boss

After an accident has happened at work, you must talk to your boss. They need to know what happened and what they can do in order to improve the safety of the business. 

After you have spoken to your boss, check-in with them from time to time to let them know how you are doing. Should you need some extra time off for recovery, then let them know so that they can assist you. 


Ask witnesses

To aid your claim, it can help to have witness statements as well as evidence. Witnesses will be able to report what they saw to support your claim. 

If you have two or more people reporting the same story, then your claim will be much stronger and solid in the court. There is no harm in asking for witnesses to report their story if they don’t come forward. They may feel that it is best to not get involved. But, if you ask them and let them know that you want them to help you and get involved, then they will. 


Follow up when you are back at work

If you have had to take time off for recovery, make sure to follow up with your boss in the workplace environment before you return to work. 

If you feel that the workplace is unsafe, then you can report this and ensure that it makes you feel safe before you return back to work. If you feel unsafe at work, it will hinder your mental health as well as your productivity, which won’t be beneficial to your company. Thus, your boss should do everything that they can to make you feel safe again.


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