Even The Perfect Product Will Struggle To Sell From A Meeting Space Like This

Every entrepreneur has experienced the crushing moment when a client leaves a pitch-perfect presentation without committing to a purchase. All the work, hard effort, and hope that you pinned on this moment come crashing down as you realize that, despite all of your best efforts, you’ve achieved little more than wasting a whole lot of time and money.

As frustrating as this can be, it’s important to realize that a lack of conversion can happen for a lot of reasons besides a poor pitch. Sometimes, a client will simply feel that your product isn’t the right fit for them. Other times, and perhaps more often than you realize, the issue may be with your office space itself.

As strange as it sounds, meeting spaces can have as much of an impact on the sales and long-term future of your business as the quality of a presentation itself. We’re going to look at why that is, and what you can do about it. 


Terrible temperatures

If a client is too hot or cold during a meeting, they’ll likely be more concerned with how they’re feeling than what you’re telling them. They’ll then likely dash out to get warm or cool down as soon as they can, most times without converting. With this in mind, investing in a commercial air conditioner that guarantees temperature control all-year-round can drastically and unexpectedly improve your chances of sales.

You should especially aim to adjust to comfortable temperatures that take into account everything from the outfits your clients will likely be wearing (short sleeves in summer, long in winter,) to the forecast predicted in advance of a big meeting. 


Crazy color schemes

The psychology of color has long been a marketing go-to, but it’s something that we too often neglect to think about outside of our products themselves. In reality, though, in the same way that certain office colors can encourage productivity, the right color scheme in your meeting room could increase sales.

Specifically, the power color of red has been proven to enhance the impression of market dominance, while blue encourages feelings of trust that could see conversions coming your way in no time. 


A lack of natural lighting

The vast majority of corporate meeting rooms have wall-high windows, often all the way along, and there’s a good reason behind this. Studies have continually found that natural light and the ventilation it offers can increase sales by an astounding 40%.

While such studies have almost solely been carried out across retail spaces, the same reasoning is especially prevalent in meeting rooms where clients often spend hours at a time. A dark, dingy room will leave them uninspired, uninterested, and desperate to escape. By comparison, a bright space with plenty of open windows enhances feelings of wellbeing, and ultimately a willingness to buy whatever you’re offering. 


There’s no sure equation to sales, but there are things you should avoid if you want to impress clients coming into your office. So, ask yourself, is your meeting room currently up to the challenge of conversions?



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