Examples of How the World Is Becoming More Accessible

Examples of How the World Is Becoming More Accessible

The world’s builders didn’t make it very welcoming for people with disabilities. The people who created culture, institutions, and physical structures typically had able bodies in mind. Still, as the world has become more inclusive, people are working to make it more accessible. There are plenty of examples of how the world is becoming more accessible, but many more will emerge in the next few decades.


Alternative Text

The internet has emerged as one of the leading forces in the world today, but some people, like those with visual disabilities, have had a hard time using it. Thankfully, people have developed the idea of alternative text and text-to-speech functionality, making it much easier for those with these disabilities to navigate the internet. Alternative text describes the appearance or function of an image on a webpage. Text-to-speech helps those with these disabilities read articles, but pictures have always remained elusive. Thanks to alternative text, these visual descriptions can keep everyone informed of what’s on a webpage.


Cars and Disabled Drivers

One of the most common forms of disability that people think of is the inability to walk. Some of the most visual accommodations are wheelchair ramps and elevators, but the world—and even the automotive industry—is working to make driving more accessible. Those without the ability to walk still need to get around, and there are a lot of new cars that make it easy for disabled drivers to get in and out of them. The Subaru Forester is one of the better cars since it’s high off the ground and easily modifiable. The automotive industry continues developing newer accommodations so that everyone can safely get on the road.


Captions and Transcriptions

Another way the world has become more accessible is through the wide use of captions and transcriptions for many videos and films. Hearing disabilities are common, and for a long time, those with these disabilities have struggled to engage with the world in the same way as others. Thanks to technology, this barrier is coming down. Subtitles are more common than ever, and active captioning is emerging in other places with the help of AI. Transcriptions are also great since you can understand what’s being said or done in a video without needing to continually scroll through it.

These examples of how the world is becoming more accessible are a great reflection of all the progress that we’ve made in the last few decades. The Americans with Disabilities Act only went into effect in 1990, but America already looks like a very different place, and it will continue to become more accessible as people continue to create more accommodations.

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