How To Protect Luxury Products During Shipping

How To Protect Luxury Products During Shipping

Purchasing products from an e-commerce store has gained popularity in recent years. However, high-end items sent through the mail are far more susceptible to theft and breakage because package thieves can resell high-quality products. As an e-commerce business, you must protect your luxury products during shipping to ensure they arrive to your customer in their original condition.


Use Water-Activated Tape

Are you using clear packing tape to secure your shipping boxes? You shouldn’t use this type of tape because it’s not tamper-proof. Thieves can carefully peel it away or push the box open without moving anything so that everything appears untouched. Instead, use water-activated tape because it permanently adheres to your box, making it much more difficult to open and obvious when a thief steals an item.


Add Filler Materials When Necessary

Luxury items need the most protection in shipping because they’re much more valuable. If your items are breakable, you’ll need filler packaging, such as bubble wrap or biodegradable packing peanuts, to help cushion them. Additionally, if your product is susceptible to scratches or scuffs, you may need to wrap it in kraft paper or plastic. Be mindful of what materials you’re using; sustainability is important, so consider using eco-friendly materials only when necessary for protecting the product.


Consider Discreet Packaging

Your biggest defense in protecting luxury products during shipping is to use discreet packaging. You need to know about discreet packaging because it’s a simple solution that allows your high-end items to ship under the radar without being noticeable. When thieves see a luxury company name on a package, it piques their interest, making them more likely to steal it. Instead, when the packaging is discreet with no logos, it looks like any other item and becomes undetectable.

Customers expect luxury items to come in the mail unharmed. Businesses must work on packaging solutions to protect their products and satisfy their customers. Consider using the packaging advice we suggest to avoid theft and breakage during shipping.

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