Having fun while Out and About: Let’s Play!

Summer is here and kids want to play outside. But what about the little one’s that cannot play with the ball with the “bigger kids”?

I noticed that and decided to get online and pick up some new toys for my little one. What happened? The “big kids” wanted to play too. Take a look at these old school toys made in wood that will help the little one’s mobility and to stand up while learning.

One of our favourite toy Brand is Hape. Why? Hape Toys is proud to utilize the enormous capabilities of natural materials, durable enough to last for generations in order to encourage toys to be passed down rather than thrown away. And that means recycling, more hours of fun while using toys that were designed for the most various types of development for every step of the child.


The Ducks and the Bees

I remember when my sister had this kind of toys by the end of the 80’s. Now these toys are immortal and returning, as they are cute and help kids playing in a very simple way. The key here for the success: colour and moving.


See the Bumblebee Push Pal Push Toy

See the Hape Ducky Push Wooden Push & Pull Toy



Scooting around

Your little one tired of seeing the big brother/sis on their bike or scooter? Here is the solution.

Hape new Scoot around. A 4 wheel drive for your little ones. It helps develop muscle strength and balance and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The big kids will want to ride it as well.


See Hape Scoot Around 



The Red (Baron) Rider

Is not actually the Red Baron (snoopy fans), but this little and super cute car scooter will be the delight for any car fanatic family (as it was to us). Suitable for 12 months old, this is a balanced walker and foot powered ride on, with a little trunk to stow toys while it helps to develop balance and early walking help, later to use it as a scooter. Common! Tell me you didn’t said: “Awww”


See the Hape Little Red Rider



Rocking Cuteness Boat

Cuteness overload with this one! Hape made this cute rocking boat, in a real little scale boat. OMG is so cute. I still haven’t opened since the little one’s birthday is coming soon.

From 12 months and up, cast off from shore to teeter and totter on an imaginary ocean and play for hours while “on the big sea” in this classic wood minimalist blue and white boat, designed to stimulate healthy child development through play.


See the Hape Rocking Boat Toy



Ok ok, now something for the older kids!


Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Builder-Music Motion

Your kids like music and puzzles? This one is fresh from Hape! A puzzle marble run with loads of configurations, you can even create a melody out of it!

For kids of more than 3 year old, this marble run maze provides endless creative building possibilities and encourages spatial think and problem solving. Each of the 7 different colour blocks has a different function and it’s the worlds only kinetic marble run. Quadrilla is worth every penny and has won several awards.


See Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Builder-Music Motion



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