Helping Your Clients Maintain Their Lash Health

Helping Your Clients Maintain Their Lash Health

Your salon clients want long, full, and fluttery lashes—don’t we all? However, some of the makeup and lash treatments they turn to can take a toll on the health of their natural lashes, leading to breakage, thinning, and even loss of lashes over time.

As a lash tech, you can help your clients maintain their lash health while still achieving that gorgeous, full lash look they desire. Here are some tips to share with your clients so they can keep their lashes looking beautiful and healthy.

Proper Makeup Use

Did you know clients can damage their natural lashes when removing makeup? Teaching your clients how to properly remove products like mascara can help them avoid lash loss and damage. Remind them to use a gentle makeup remover and to be careful when wiping around their eyes. Also, suggest they use disposable mascara wands to prevent any bacteria from entering their lash lines.

The Right Products

The products your clients use on their lashes can affect their overall lash health. Remind them to avoid products with harsh chemicals or heavy oils that can weigh down their lashes and cause breakage. Instead, encourage them to use lash serums and gentle oils to nourish and enhance their lashes.

Proper Cleansing

A lot of people aren’t aware that they need to cleanse their lashes just like they do their faces. Oil, dirt, and makeup buildup can cause irritation and weaken lashes. For clients, recommend that they gently clean their lashes with a lash-specific cleanser at least once a day to remove any impurities.

Regular Lash Refills

For clients with lash extensions, regular refills are essential for maintaining healthy lashes. By keeping up with refill appointments every two to three weeks, your clients will avoid prematurely losing extensions and damaging their natural lashes. Also, remind them that waiting too long between appointments can lead to improper growth patterns and discomfort.

Lash Treatment Breaks

Continuous use of extensions or heavy makeup can weaken lashes over time. If your client is a frequent lash extension user, suggest taking breaks in between treatments to allow the natural lashes to recover and grow stronger.

During these breaks, clients can use nourishing lash serums to help strengthen and promote growth. Encourage them to enjoy their natural beauty and remind them that healthy lashes will make future extensions and makeup look even better.

Share this care advice with your clients to help them keep their lashes healthy. Remind them that if they want to keep coming back to your salon for future treatments, they’ll need healthy natural lashes to work with. By pairing at-home lash care with lash treatments from your salon, your clients will have gorgeous, healthy lashes they can’t help but show off.

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