5 Types Of Handouts To Promote Your Business

5 Types Of Handouts To Promote Your Business

Handing out promotional materials can be a great way to market your business. Below are a few examples of handouts that can be used to promote your business and when to use them.


Flyers typically consist of a single sheet of A5 silk or gloss paper. Information may be printed on one side or both sides. This information is usually the most essential information along with eye catching images. As one of the cheapest forms of marketing, they are one of the most popular methods used by businesses.

You’ll often see flyers getting handed out on the street or at events. For maximum success, it’s best to target areas where your consumer audience is most likely to be found. Flyers can also be posted through mailboxes or pinned to noticeboards.

Folded leaflets

Folded leaflets are usually made from A4 silk or gloss paper that is folded into thirds. Leaflets are almost always double-sided and are designed to display more written information than a flyer. Takeaway menus, event programs and attraction maps are all examples of printed media that often take the form of leaflets.

They are often handed out to existing customers, but can also be handed out to general consumers like flyers. Attraction leaflets are often kept in hotel lobbies, while takeaway menus are sometimes posted through mailboxes.


You can also produce booklets to promote your business. These are usually made from several sheets of A4 or A5 paper folded in half and stapled together. Booklets can provide even more information than a leaflet. Tattoo artists and designers sometimes use them as mini portfolios to display various examples of their work. Booklets are also sometimes handed out by music venues, sports venues or theatres to display all upcoming events.

Booklets are ideal for keeping at your premises and handing out to potential customers from there. This could include passers-by or interested customers who wander in. Companies wanting to display a more extensive inventory may prefer to print off a catalog or brochure.

Business cards

Business cards are the most minimal form of print marketing. They usually only display the bare essentials such as your company/personal name, phone number, email address, address and website. Like flyers, business cards are cheap to produce. They are also so small that they are easy to carry around anywhere with you.

This makes business cards perfect for handing out to potential customers that you may meet by chance in everyday situations. Handing over a business card is typically easier than getting them to store your number in their phone. Of course, there are other ways to distribute business cards – you can post them through mailboxes, pin them to notice boards or even leave them strategically in library books.


It’s also possible to have your company name and contact details printed on the side of a pen. As promotional materials, pens can be a fantastic option that is often overlooked. Whenever a person uses that pen in the future, they will be reminded of your business. This can be great for building brand awareness and potentially generating new leads.

Branded pens are great for handing out when getting potential customers to fill in forms or enter competitions. When hosting a seminar or workshop, it can also be worth handing out branded pens for attendees to take notes with or fill in activity sheets with.


Image: Photo by cottonbro studio: https://www.pexels.com/photo/hands-holding-red-brochure-6565757/ 

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