Home Maintenance Checklist for the Summer

As a young homeowner, it may be difficult to keep up with the demands of owning a home, especially if it’s your first home. Knowing where to start or what to do may be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider this maintenance checklist to do for your home this summer.



Plumbing can be hard to detect and can become increasingly problematic when left unresolved. You may want to check your faucets for tell-tale signs of plumbing issues to get them fixed as soon as possible.
Poor plumbing results in flooding, plumbing costs, clogged drains, and more. Be sure to add “check faucets and other plumbing lines” to your checklist this summer.


Air Filters

Air quality is essential in your home. When was the last time you cleaned your air filters? It’s important to check the status of your filters to ensure they haven’t collected excessive dust and debris.

If you leave this unattended, you will inhale all the dead skin and particles that have been floating around your home as the AC continues to circulate. Take care of your health by changing out your air filters this summer if needed.


Water Filters

Looking to improve your quality of water or noticing changes in your water’s quality? If you notice that the water has been leaving streaks and calcified material behind, it may be time to get a new water filter system.

Soft water is better for your health, so it’s essential to hire professional help to fix this issue.



Your vents and windows may be housing mold and other toxic bacteria. If you don’t want to remove the mold yourself, especially if you’re not certain whether it’s black mold, hire a professional to do so safely.
Mold can impair your pulmonary health when inhaled, even leading to death if black mold is continuously inhaled. Stay on the safe side by performing a sweep this summer and make sure your home is mold-free.


Lawn Cutting

During the summertime, the grass may grow out of control with the soaring heat and rainy season. Be sure to mow the lawn so that you may stay at the required grass levels and keep your property looking manicured and maintained. If you don’t own a lawn mower, you can hire someone to maintain the property.


Before panicking about what home maintenance items to complete this summer, consider this checklist. Take it step by step and be patient throughout the process. Your home is your biggest investment, so be sure to get things done efficiently and carefully.


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