Tips For Preparing Your Home for a New Dog

Getting a dog is an exciting time for your household. But whether you’ve adopted a laid-back golden retriever or a hyperactive chihuahua, there are a few things to remember before bringing your new pup into your home. These useful tips for preparing your home for a new dog will hopefully make your pup’s first day at home relaxing and easy.


Prep Some Durable Toys

All dogs need to take their energy out on something, and most people prefer that their furniture stays out of that process. Dog toys are excellent for taking the brunt of that energy while keeping your home’s décor safe and sound.

Your dog’s breed may also help you determine which type of toys to purchase. For example, a large Labrador benefits from larger, sturdier toys made out of plastic, while smaller dogs like terriers likely have a better time with softer stuffed toys.


Decorate a Room for Them

Colors have a surprising effect on how your dogs act or enjoy a certain space in the house. Consider dedicating a room for your pet if you have space. Doing so allows gives them a place to feel safe and comfortable.
However, it is important to understand that dogs can only perceive a limited range of color. As a result, shades of blue and yellow are the most easily discernable to them.


Have the Right Food on Hand

Dogs have their own unique personalities and preferences, just as people do. For that reason, it is good to accommodate their preferences when you are able to. Suppose your dog has a fondness for wet food over regular kibble. Assuming you can afford this food regularly, treating your little pup to their favorite meals is sure to make them happier overall.


Getting a dog is a job and a half, but the little moments they create build up over time into a worthwhile experience. By considering a few of these tips for preparing your home for a new dog, your home should have no issues with adding one more permanent guest.

The more work you put into tending to your pup’s needs, the more likely your dog is to give love back tenfold in licks and barks.


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