How To Extend Your Home Into The Garden

How To Extend Your Home Into The Garden

Are you looking for more space within your home? Perhaps you want to seamlessly blend the interior with the beauty of your garden. Extending your indoors into your outdoors is an easy endeavor to create a new way of living. Keep reading for some fun and realistic tips on how to make it all happen.

Create a Patio

Walking out onto your patio from the comfort of your kitchen or sitting room is the ultimate in easy living. Move from the inside to the outside as if it is another room. The best way to make this happen is by adding a patio extension off of an existing room in your home.

Make your patio out of high-quality natural stone or limestone that blends into the landscape of the garden. Always work with reputable stone suppliers to ensure you are getting the best products available. When you opt for a stone patio surface, you are choosing an efficient ground covering. Stone is effortless to sweep or hose off whenever you need to clean up.

Stone patios can withstand the elements. They are good in the heat, cold, and the rain. Stone also feels nice underfoot when you step outside with your afternoon cuppa and biscuit.

Install a Bit of Shade

Once you have your nice patio in place, you need some shade. Consider how you want to use the new outdoor area and let that guide your shade choice. Some pleasing and functional options from which you can choose to include the following:

  • Covered Patio – Create a covered patio that is not directly attached to your home’s roofline. With this option, you can either make the covering stand-alone or have it built to look like it blends perfectly.
  • PergolaPergolas are nice choices due to their versatility. They have uniform slats across the top that provide shade and let a small amount of sun through. They can be made with louvred slats that you can move either vertically or horizontally to choose the amount of light you want to let through.
  • Extend the Roof – Extending the roofline from the home to make a covered patio will make it look as if the patio has always been there. This option ensures there are no gaps between the two roofs, and no water or debris will come in through that small space.
  • Shade Sail – One of the simplest moves you can make is to put up a shade sail. They come in a variety of colours, are inexpensive, and will afford you shade wherever you place them. The downside is that the larger sizes might droop over time, but tightening is easy. Another detractor is that wind can rip them or pull them down.


Watch this video to learn the dos and don’ts of installing a shade sail:

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