6 Amazing New Year’s Eve Party Ideas to Step in 2020

By Emma Williams 


New Year is coming and you are planning to celebrate it at home and make the best party ever. The season of holidays is the perfect time to organize a unique get together. Throw the most memorable party with as little effort as possible.

These tips will help you be the host of the party that everyone is going to talk about for some time.


Focus on the ambiance

The first thing you should think of is what kind of ambiance you want your party to have. Think of your guest and their interests to create the best possible atmosphere. You should try to make the guests feel comfortable and welcome.

Pick the right music to get everyone on their feet. Make enough space for everyone and everything you’ve planned. Choose the perfect lighting too. Lighting plays a big role in creating the best ambiance. Your mood also has an impact on the guests’ impressions of the party. You should always be in a good mood, smiling and paying attention to everyone equally.



Create a theme

For a party to be a hit, create a certain theme and stick to it. You can opt for any kind of theme you wish. It can be something casual, like a pyjama party with your closest friends or a movie marathon. You can even have a tarot card reading themed party.

If you want to throw something more like a gala party, the possibilities are endless. Make your party a karaoke night. You can throw a party inspired by decades, the eighties or nineties, for example. A zombie apocalypse, favourite TV shows, anything really can serve you as an inspiration for a great party. An inspiring online costume shop will help your guests find the right outfit for any theme you choose.


Plan some fun activities

Plan most of the activities ahead. You don’t want your guests to get bored. Step in 2020 doing something fun. Plan the activities according to your taste, but think of the others too.

There is a bunch of games you can play. Start with writing your New Year’s resolutions and guessing which one belongs to whom. Play some drinking games to get the party going. New Year inspired charades can be really fun. You can include ribbon dancing or pass the hat too and have the time of your life.



Decorate your home

Decorations will always be your biggest help when organizing the party. They help create a festive ambiance and make everything more interesting. For start, think of the colour scheme. Use combinations such as metallic and purple or gold and black. You can even go with a single colour.

Make sure to have a lot of balloons or make your own confetti poppers. Don’t use your everyday glasses. Instead, serve the beverage in some sparkly champagne glasses, perfectly suitable for the occasion. Be sure to have a Polaroid camera to capture all the amazing moments at the party.


Think about drinks

Alcohol is another thing that can add to your party and make it more joyful. Pick everyone’s favourite beverages and make sure that drinks are accessible to all your guests during the party.

You can organize a wine testing as a way to get the party started. You can set up a champagne bar or make some cocktails. You can even make your own champagne sangria to give a more personal touch to it.



Have lots of food

With lots of alcohol, you must have lots of food. There is no point in making a memorable party if no one’s going to remember it. Make sure to choose some delicious options for your New Year’s menu.

Start planning your menu from the main course. One of the best ideas for a New Year’s party would be fondue. When you decide on the main course, choose the appetizers and desserts that will go well with it. You can opt for some boozy desserts if you like them, but make sure that there is enough food for everyone and that the food is mouth-watering.



Organizing a New Year’s Eve party can seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Consider these ideas, opt for the ones you like, and watch everyone have the time of their life at your party.


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