How to Know You’re Ready for Marriage

There’s no typical time frame for getting married. Some couples get engaged after only knowing each other a few months, while other couples wait decades before tying the knot.

If you and your partner are wondering when it will be the right time, there are a few signs you can be aware of. Here’s how to know you’re ready for marriage.


You’ve worked through some major problems.

Many couples get divorced because they’re facing problems they just can fix. It might be infidelity or lack of comparability. Maybe they never discussed having kids and a year into the marriage they realize they have different points of view on the subject. They might fail to effectively communicate and as a result, end up fighting constantly.

When you and your partner have the ability to work through major problems, you’ll know that you’re committed and ready to walk down the aisle together.


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It can be a challenge to solve problems on your own, so attending gay couple therapy can help you learn the skills you need to work out relationship issues. Both lesbian couples and heterosexual couples will face problems in their relationships and working with a professional will give you a safe space to better understand one another. You’ll leave therapy a stronger couple and knowing that you can handle any problems that might come up in the future.


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You buy each other the perfect gifts.

Sometimes a little sign might be all you need to know you’re perfect for another. Buying great gifts for each other is a sign that you know one another really well. You know what she likes and doesn’t like and you can confidently buy her something she’ll love.

You know her size in petite sundresses or what kind of graphic tees she will laugh at. Buying someone clothing (but not demanding that she wear it) shows you’re thinking about her style and personality. Every time she wears the sundress you got her, she will think of you and how you care for her.


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You’ve made a few big decisions as a team

Having to make a big decision together will give you an idea of how compatible you are. You might be deciding on a house to buy or whether or not one of you will be going back to school.

Making important choices with your money will show that you can work as a team and without ego. Maybe your partner has gotten a job somewhere else and you have to consider moving with him or her. Making some big decisions as a team will show that you’re ready and able to be lifelong partners.

Also, as you successfully make decisions together, you’ll grow closer. You’ll be confident in your relationship and your future together.


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You want to spend the rest of your lives together

Many people get married simply because they want to spend their lives together. They’re envisioning a future in which they’re married, live together, and maybe have kids. They’re excited about this future and want to be together.

Partners who are best friends are more likely to succeed. They’re happier together and know that they’re going to have a joy-filled life. When you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner, you’ll know that marriage is a good choice for you.


You might wait years before getting married to your spouse. Don’t be intimidated by anyone else’s timeline. Your relationship is your own and marriage is a big decision.

You’ll need to work together to reach a point where marriage feels like the logical next step. Once you feel confident in your future, a wedding will be an easy choice.


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