How To Make Your Apartment Feel More Like Home

How To Make Your Apartment Feel More Like Home

There are around 100 million people renting apartments in the US right now, and you’re probably one of them. Apartment rentals are extremely common, and it’s a great choice for living on your own. The problem is that many tenants find it difficult to feel at home in their rental.

Luckily, there are some ways to add life and personality to your rental space. Keep reading to learn how to make your apartment feel more like home.


Make a Big Change

All leases are different, and some allow you to make substantial changes to your apartment as long as you undo them when the lease ends. In the case of some leases, you may be able to keep them if the change permanently improves the space. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these leases or a lenient landlord, you can make big changes to your apartment that will make it feel more like home.

Paint is the most affordable yet impactful change you can make, adding personality and atmosphere to any room you want. For those on a bigger budget, consider changes like adding new light fixtures or installing a retractable awning for your balcony. Choose a tremendous change that will make you more comfortable and allow you to enjoy your lifestyle.


Add Personal Touches

The only way any place is going to feel like home is if it reflects who you are and what you love. That means you need to add plenty of personal touches to your apartment. Hang up family pictures, display souvenirs from your travels, and buy and burn candles in your favorite scent.

If you’re not sure how personal touches will mix with your desired theme, get creative. Apply filters to your framed pictures to make them match your style. Mix souvenirs with aesthetic pieces so that the souvenirs pop. Try new candle scents until you find one you like that creates the ambiance you want. Decorating occurs over months and years, even with personal touches, so give yourself time to figure out what works for you and your home.


Bring Life In

Big changes and personal touches are great for making the aesthetics of your apartment look like home. However, there’s more to a home than just how it looks. Bringing life into your home is the best way to move beyond aesthetics and create a place that makes you feel relaxed and happy.

Life can be something simple like a houseplant or pet, or it can be something bigger, like a housewarming party or a regular game night. The point is to bring friends, pets, and items into your home that aren’t stagnant decorations and bring the space to life.

There are many ways to make your apartment feel more like home. Making big changes, adding personal touches, and bringing life in are fantastic ways to make a rental space feel like the home of your dreams. Whether you’re only there for a year or planning to stay much longer, creating a home out of your apartment is worth the work.


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