How to spruce up your living space without leaving the house

By Ron Wolf


If you’re living in the state of lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, (or perhaps you’ve been sentenced to serving your prison sentence at home or something) and you can’t leave your house, being in the same place all the time can have negative consequences on your psyche.

So, to prevent either yourself or the members of your family who may be growing more impatient about the current state of affairs by the minute from breaking some of the furniture in your house, we’ve come up with a couple of ideas of how you can change things up a little bit without having to leave the house.

Of course, nothing can substitute getting some fresh air now and again, but with some of these tips, you will be able to organize quite an interesting arrangement of furniture and other items, so that you’ll end up creating a completely novel atmosphere without actually getting any new items per se.

Here’s the deal.



Tidy up your rooms

This one may sound like a no-brainer, but a great way to both improve the state the items in your home and improve your mood at the same time would be to do a thorough tidying-up job.

The thing is, spending time in an indoor environment that’s both cluttered and dusty can be quite a depressing prospect even if you do get to leave the house whenever you want. With this lockdown, of course, the worse the hygienic situation in your house, the less comfortable it’s going to be your stay inside it.

So, before you do anything else, simply tidying up your living room and the other rooms in your house should be the first step to making your living environment a comfy one during this pandemic.



Come up with a different furniture layout

When it comes to arranging your furniture, the great thing is that there aren’t any rules you have to adhere to. So, you can fashion the pieces of furniture in your house in whatever way you so desire, and as long as the resulting layout suits your taste and your family’s taste and expectations, you can rest assured that you’ll have created a comfortable living environment to cope with this rough situation.

From a more practical point of view, moving your furniture around can serve the purpose of letting more natural light in your living room as well as other rooms. As you probably already know, exposure to natural light has the ‘ability’ to drastically improve the mood and even tackle depression, so you should consider going down this route when it comes to rearranging the spot of your sofas, TV sets, and table & chair configurations.



Experiment with accessories

Even though many home décor experts nowadays swear by minimalistic house decorations, so to speak, accessorizing as a means of improving the appearance of your rooms has not yet completely become démodé.

The thing is, if you do it properly and purposefully, adding stuff to your mantelpiece, on your fridge, and around your gadget corner truly can make the area in question come to life. Whether it’s a simple bunch of fridge magnets, some action hero figurines on your shelves, or some plant you’ve decided to place close to your windowpane, accessories help you express your creativity, and make the room you’ve decorated this way more personalized in the way that it reflects your creative ideas in the best way.

Another interesting solution would be to get some colourful rugs online or a bunch of throw pillows you can arrange across your sofa. You can use these to not only cover the space, but also enhance the appearance of the whole room while you’re at it.



Hang a couple of mirrors

A great way to both make your indoor areas look bigger AND better lit would be to simply install a couple of mirrors in your rooms. This is a fairly easy thing to do, so as long as you can buy some mirrors online, or procure them some other way, you can simply drive a nail or two in your drywall, hang up the mirrors, and then have them instantly improve the state of your rooms.


All in all, spending time indoors isolated from the rest of the community represents one of the most important weapons for fighting a pandemic, so, as irritating as it is, if we manage to soldier through it, this state of affairs will end all the sooner.

In the meantime, tidying up your house, accessorizing, and otherwise buying a couple of colourful items here and there online can be an excellent way to both improve our immediate living environment and pass the time, as well.


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