Getting your Garden Ready for Summer

copper fire rim garden decor

Ah Summer!

Meaning Garden time, BBQ’s, sun time in those chairs and getting a tan.

But after this windy winter, is your garden ready?

Here are a couple of things a Summer garden needs:




Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay


The king of Summer! I was raised as having family over the weekend and having a good ol’ BBQ while chatting and spending the day around table and food.

You have BBQ’s to any pocket and fitting anywhere, round or square, to be used with gas or to be used with the good old coal or wood, with a grill or a plaque, anything is accessible and possible to fit your needs. Summer without BBQ is not Summer!



Green or Tiled


Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay


The floor I mean! Either having a green grass or a tiled floor or deck, the floor need to have a year long maintenance, and not just in summer. Taking care of your floor/garden is something that you need to think all year around. Besides of being therapeutic, it’s actually a pride for you to exhibit your work all year. Be proud on your home!



Fire Pit



And no one is talking about sacrifices here. I have been noticing how Fire Pits and becoming more popular in well treated gardens, giving that warmth (even if it’s Summer) to sit in the evening or nights, with friends and family and having a chat with a glass of prosecco or fresh lemonade while the fire pit is on.

My Copper Fire rim is from VonHaus, and looks absolutely gorgeous. With a nice Rim in copper to prevent getting closer to the fire (because…kids) and a net lid, so we can close and see the fire, the body looks like a weaved basket in dark tones, making it stylish and elegant in my garden. Easy to clean and it has openings on the down part, simply clean it with water or soapy water if needed.

Fun Tip: making a fun night with the kids, some sleeping bags and marshmallows and have a sleep under the stars while telling stories around the fire.

Got my Fire Pit on VonHaus:



Lounge Chairs:


Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay


Even thought you might not have a pool (or lucky you if you have…even if it’s a paddle one), who doesn’t love to lay on the sun with a good book while listening to summer sounds such as birds, wind, the neighbour cutting the grass, or simply in silence… ahhh sweet silence!



Crockery decor


Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay


As any decor lover, I couldn’t just not talk about how good looking crockery and drinking sets for summer are. Full of color or sticking with marble, are some options, as well as using glass or recycled materials. Cups, glasses, mugs and plates, mix patterns and colours of simply keep it neutral combining the colour of summer fruits.

Anything can be used BUT NOT PLASTIC! Say no to plastics.



Happy Days, Happy Summer!


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