Important Things To Pack On A Music Tour Bus

Music is one of the most creative forms of entertainment out there. Whether you are rocking out to Nirvana or enjoying Ed Sheeran’s new offering – music speaks to people in different ways and for different reasons. 

If you are a musician or you are working with a band going on tour, one of the most important things to nail is the tour bus. Your tour bus will be a party zone, a chill out space, and where you’ll all sleep while on the road. 

Planning a tour this year? Here are some of the essentials to bring along with you for the ride. 


Extra fuel 

First of all, having a couple of bunded oil tanks filled with petrol in the tour bus is a great idea for you when on tour. On a music tour you will be driving through the night and for many miles between your destinations, and there is never a guarantee that they will be a fuel station when you need it. Bringing along some extra fuel with you on tour will ensure that if you ever do run out, you won’t be stuck waiting for someone to come and help you. 


Drinks and food 

One of the most important things to pack with you on your tour bus is plenty of food and drink. You never know when you’ll be driving through the countryside or a desert with no diners for miles, and that’s why having plenty of stuff on the bus is important. If you have a stove on your bus, bringing along canned goods like beans, soup, and veggies is a great idea because it will last for a long while but will also be there if you need it. Speaking of drinks, pack lots of water with you as well as some energy drinks, but also pack some beers for those celebrations after your shows! 


Warm blankets 

If you’ll be sleeping in the bus from time to time and if you’ll be driving through the night – it can get really cold. That’s why packing plenty of blankets for the ride is an important idea and it will allow you to stay toasty and warm throughout your tour. 



It is always important when you are on the road to pack batteries and flashlights in case you break down and need assistance. Batteries can also be helpful for charging pods for your phones and other appliances that will be useful in an emergency. Always pack an SOS kit in your tour bus just in case anything happens and include batteries in this kit. 


Cleaning supplies 

When you are on tour and there are multiple people riding on the bus, it’s going to get messy and dirty pretty quickly. That’s why you need to pack some simple cleaning supplies such as cloths, antibacterial spray, and antibacterial wipes for surfaces. This will ensure that no matter how long you are on the road, the bus will stay clean and hygienic for everyone on board.


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