Spectacle of Lights in Sudeley Castle – Must see!

Like the title said: A must see.

Absolutely amazing and so so pretty!

Back when we were staying in Tewkesbury Park Hotel (see the post HERE), we went to the Spectacle of Light in one of the nights we were there.

The Spectacle of Lighst is in the Sudeley Castle and goes through the whole month of December.

it started in 2016 and after so much success (you will see why) they decided to do it again on 2017.

Hopefully they will do it this year of 2018 as is an amazing place to create memories, see wonderful place filled with lights synchronised with music.


All in all you will be left in awe as it is something amazing.

We, me, hubby and RJ were simply amazed and gobsmacked!


I couldn’t film the whole spectacle, as I think the videos or even photos won’t make justice to what you see, but took some pictures to show you and a little video showing the photos and bits of video I filmed. But all copyright is from the Spectacle of Light and Sudeley Castle, and a big praise to their amazing work and geniality!


Now imagine Christmas, specially the white December we had, mixed with the smell of Christmas drinks, such as mulled wine and cider or hot chocolate (served in some stops during the show) and even a Dragon was there!

Details in everything, are the key to this spectacle and your heart will be filled with such a warm christmassy feeling.

yes you will probably walk for more than an hour, but you definetly wont notice it. Time will go fast seriously.


You have a free parking space, a shop in the entrance, disable facilities and can take your pram with you.

Some steps will be on the way but the helpful staff will notice you straight away and help you or at least let you know what options you have.



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