Is SNUS the solution for Smoking?

Note: In this post we are talking about Nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical. This is an informative post. We ARE NOT supporting, selling, or any other action towards smoking. 


There are many choices if you want to quit smoking:

  • Vaping
  • Snus (the Swedish way)
  • Nicotine Pouches
  • Nicotine patches
  • Quit smoking gradually


In this post, we are talking about Snus and Nicotine Patches since it is something that many people don’t know.

What is What:

Snus Pouches – A snus is a little pouch filled with tobacco leaves that you put between your lips and gums to receive a kick of nicotine. People often choose snus because they are smokeless, spit-free, and discreet.

Nicotine Pouches – Like snus, nicotine pouches are small, oral portion bags that fit comfortably under your lip to deliver nicotine through the gums. The convenient, smokeless pouches are also spit-free and discreet. Unlike snus, however, nicotine pouches contain zero tobacco.


What is the difference between Snus and Nicotine Pouches

The difference between snus and pouches is that nicotine pouches are tobacco-free, and Swedish snus are not. In fact, tobacco is the base ingredient in most snus. Depending on the variety of snus, the level of nicotine in the tobacco leaves ranges from 0.5% to 7.5%.

In nicotine pouches, the nicotine is extracted from the Nicotiana tabacum plant and crystalized into nicotine salt, but the plant itself is excluded. This means that the products are completely tobacco-free since they contain no tobacco plant matter (e.g., leaf, root) in any form.

One advantage of nicotine pouches vs. snus is that the nicotine pouches are normally all white, so they do not stain your teeth like some snus varieties. Additionally, because of its extended shelf life, a nicotine pouch can be enjoyed for much longer than snus.



History of Snus

Even though you think you never heard of Snus, well the fact is that you definitely heard or seen it on tv/movies. Depending on your country, you might have heard of Chewing tobacco or Rapé (sniffing tobacco), Snus is the Swedish name for pouches.

In the 16th century, Swedes began to mix tobacco leaves with salt and water to place behind the upper lip. The snuff was born, but prior that the predecessor went from the Caribbean, into the French court and then across Europe as the latest fashion.


Is Snus better than smoking?

According to many health services in the world, compared to cigarettes, snus seems less dangerous.

In Sweden,  snus is something that has helped lower smoking rates. More than half of Swedish snus users are ex-smokers.

Even so, Snus has their own risks.
For more information on Snus check

Risks of Snus

Snus does contain nicotine, so it’s addictive.

You can get hooked on it, and quitting this habit has the same unpleasant side effects as when you stop smoking, including headaches and nausea.

Smokeless tobacco products also deliver more nicotine and nitrosamines than cigarettes, although snus generally has lower levels of nitrosamines than other smokeless products.

If you have pre-existing health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, consider consulting your doctor before taking snus.



How do you use Snus

Snus users put the pouch under the lip as they enjoy the buzz and flavour. The effects caused by snus vary depending on the flavoring used.

Snus, which is usually sold in round tubs, is available from various brands and in many flavours in online retail stores.


Flavours of Snus

A number of natural ingredients are usually used as flavoring agents to enhance the taste.

These flavoring agents may be in powdered form, spirit solutions or fruit oils and may include flavors like cherry, mint, licorice, citrus, whisky and eucalyptus.

However, you can also buy nicotine flavored snus that contains a smoke aroma taste.


Leaving behind smoking is (and needs to be) the way you want and with confidence. If you are a heavy smoker for years, you should not leave it completely as the body can have repercussions. Turn into the alternatives as the ones in this article and make your choice gradually.

Remember: You are the only one that can end an addiction.


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