Leather Furniture: Yay or Nay In 2022?

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Leather furniture has been around for generations, and there was a period when leather couches and armchairs were the norm in homes around the country. However, as time moves on, so do interior design trends. Different types of furniture have become popular, yet we still see leather couches featuring in many homes. The question is, is leather furniture still a stylish option in 2022, or should you opt for something different?

To help you figure out the answer, here are some key points in favor and against leather furniture:


Easier to clean

The alternative to leather furniture is usually fabric furniture. While there are many advantages to this type of furniture, the key downside is that it stains easily and can be a pain to clean. With leather, you don’t have to worry about liquids staining the furniture right away. Usually, you can wipe it clean in a matter of seconds. Likewise, things like pet hair and dust aren’t going to become embedded deep into the furniture – they stay on the surface, making it easy for you to wipe them off.


Good for allergies

Following on from that point, leather sofas are usually better for people with allergies because they don’t have fibers for allergens to get trapped in. If you’re allergic to dust and other airborne allergens, a fabric couch can make life difficult for you by keeping these things trapped in the fibers. So, there are potential health benefits to choosing the leather option over a fabric one.


Easier to scratch and damage

Unfortunately, leather furniture is a lot easier to scratch and damage. If you have a pet, they can very quickly tear the leather and leave patches. Likewise, constant use of a leather sofa can make the leather peel away very quickly. Now, you can learn how to fix a peeling leather couch, but it can be annoying when you have to keep doing it time and time again. A lot of homes are opting for fabric furniture instead because it tends to last a lot longer and there’s no risk of peeling.


An outdated style

There’s also an argument that leather sofas present something of an outdated style. Certainly, if you wanted to create a modern interior, you’d be more inclined to opt for a fabric couch. Why? Because fabric furniture is more versatile, available in more colors, and has a timeless look to it. Leather sofas feel like they fit a specific design trend that we don’t often see anymore. You can get some that look modern, but it feels like fabric options have a more timeless effect on them.


All things considered, leather furniture can still be purchased and might work for you. However, if you want something that’s timeless and contemporary, you might be better off looking at fabric furniture instead. Of course, don’t forget that leather furniture isn’t vegan. So, if you are vegan and want to opt for the leather design style, ensure you’re buying faux leather that doesn’t include any animal products.

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