Old recipe for Anemia Iron deficiency

There are 3 types of anemia, but the 2 most common ones are:
  • Iron deficiency
  • B12 and Folic Acid deficiency

None of them is easier and the symptoms are quite the same, only with blood tests can be diagnosed.

B12 and Folic Acid (mine) 

Neither of theses two can be found in nature in a quantity that can be advised that you can eat this daily and you will get good! They always have to come in form of pills.

The symptoms are:
  • Extreme fatigue
  • headaches
  • pale and dull skin
  • Arrhythmia (the heart beats in different times and faster) 
  • Lack of appetite

The explanation of why this type of chronic anemia is difficult:
The Folic Acid is produced in our stomach. more exactly in the “fundic region” of the stomach that produces the stomach acid. There is nothing in nature that can produce neither the B12 or the folic acid since it comes directly from our DNA.

If you have lost your appetite, you don’t eat right? Then your stomach won’t have the need to produce the acid, therefore no acid folic or B12, and it goes like this.

But don’t be fooled if you think that only “skinny” people suffer from this. WRONG! On the opposite. 
You gain weight because of this, because your muscles and the whole body has a need on this vitamin and tries to get it from anything…and our reservoirs of sugar, in the body start to be eaten… we got “fat” and we don’t even eat!? Yep! But because our reservoirs of sugar goes dangerously low…so there goes our stamina and we have extreme fatigue.

Taking care of it:
Go to your Doctor and make the exams she recommends.
She will give you a proper plan and pills of Folic Acid and make some recommendations.

Iron deficiency anemia

The most common one, and normally the only one that people know (by this time you know more).

  • Lack or increase of appetite
  • fatigue
  • pale face and skin
  • mostly the same symptoms as above.

Iron deficiency is just like the name says. Lack of the iron reservoirs in our body.
Could be from heavy working or study, from a surgery where people lost blood (Csections).
Iron deficiency means that the person made a huge effort physically. very rarely mentally.

How to take care of it:
Eating red meats, protein, more greens with iron such as Spinach, Beetroot, mostly all greens.
If that doesn’t work, the probably some Iron shots can be given.

My mom learned in South America with my “nonna” (Italian grandmother), how to make a home made syrup type that can help in iron deficiency anemia, or if you have the tendency to have these “episodes” of lack of iron, you can make it for prevention.

Yes I make it with sugar, pure cane sugar! If you want and must, you can use sweetener.

Please remember this is one of the old recipes our Nans used to do, and it is not, by all means, a remedy!

This is what you need
You need: 3 or 4 raw beetroots

Sugar or sweetener
(if you’re diabetic use sweetener) 

A container

Slice the beetroots, thickly

Place some in the bottom of the container

pour sugar on them

continue to construct layers of beetroot and sugar

close the container very well

put on in the fridge for a week,
so it can convert into syrup

After the week, can 3 Tbsp per day.
Repeat as much as you like.

Cheerio #preventionistheword

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