Relationship Guide: Here’s How to Show Each Other You Care

Relationship Guide: Here's How to Show Each Other You Care

Are you looking for ways to show your partner that you care? Maybe you’re not sure how they like to feel loved. Or maybe you just want some new ideas. Either way, this guide is for you! We’ll cover a range of ways to show your partner that you care, ranging from the simple to the more elaborate.

So whether you’re just starting out in your relationship or have been together for years, read our relationship guide and how to show each other you care!


Healthy Relationship 

Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been together for some years, you need to have a conversation with your partner and talk about how healthy is your relationship. Most relationships accommodate to the fact that people feel accepted by their partner with all their virtues and faults, and sometimes mental health can be disguised in a person, and emotions for the loved one starts to feel mundane. Talking with your loved one, having a conversation about your life, focus and undivided attention can be a surprise. Words bring feelings and sharing and understanding the people involved can remind the couple that happiness can be obtained just by expressing support and affection.


It’s the Little Things that Feel Important

Even if the couple seems unattached and independent, and even secure of themselves, every single person is prone to details. Every single human being likes to see an effort from their partners. Don’t use lack of time as a form of excuse to not be aware or express interest in the other person. That is a wrong way of sharing love and this can start a set of negative feelings: it generates stress, creates a false sense of afraid, and lack to feel safe, of not having your partner’s back.

Actions speak louder. Try to spend quality time, even if you are apart by having an exchange of texts, even if you are side by side; spend time to remember little things your partner likes – not everything needs to be bought. Write post-its, send emails, create a fun way of sharing inside jokes, even in eye contact you can share feelings with your loved one. Healthy relationships and everyday life, even through tough times, can be fun. Life can be fun when the person on your side is the one you want to make an effort to spend your life with.


Body Language Makes a Big Difference

Anything is important in a relationship. How we talk, if we listen, if we have the ability to hear, how we share affection, whether touching them or giving hands, being in the same room full of people, and watching if the other person is ok. Most people in life dream of having a healthy relationship with a person that has something to talk about, who understand your ways, and even how they know your world. Your loved one might think it’s interesting if you create signals that only the two of you know what they mean, some even find support when you express interest or give advice out of the blue when you or your partner is stressed at work or need and advice in your interests. This means that the person understands what the other is going through.

Being in a healthy relationship is having someone on your side that supports you and can reduce stress from daily life and make you feel important.


Some easy ways to show your emotions:

  • Write a weekly newsletter: some people are more prone to write than to talk. You can either buy a notebook and use it as a diary between you two. Or, if you’re nerdier, create a folder online on Google Drive and write per date.
  • Create a sounding board. Either on Youtube or on Spotify, create a playlist shared between you two and add songs that make you think of the other one, or your feelings at the moment.
  • Make air plans. Air plans are future goals or bucket lists of things you would like to do with your loved one.
  • Plan a dinner he/she will never forget. Somewhere really special, a private room, a picnic, something that makes your loved one remember something from their childhood, a happy memory. Food is the best way for two people to personally have time to listen to each other.
  • Surprise with something that the other one wanted. There are plenty of ideas of ways to show, low-budget surprises to make your loved one happy and remind them they mean the world to you.
  • Search for professional help: many relationships need a push with professional advice from a professional. Share this experience with your partner and focus on your relationship.

In conclusion

Although everyone expresses and appreciates love differently, there are some key actions that are universally appreciated. Assigning blame when a relationship goes bad is the worst and more negative way, is a lack of respect for the loved one and human beings shouldn’t be like that to each other…

We hope you’ve found our relationship guide: here’s how to show each other you care, helpful as you work to strengthen your relationship with the important people in your life.

What is your way of showing you care? Let us know in the comments!

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