Remodelling your Kitchen: Costs and How To

One of the most crucial parts of a home is the Kitchen.

Not only is the place when we normally spend more time during the day, but also where the family gathers and meals are made.

A good kitchen, when buying a house, is normally 60% of the sale done. With a lousy kitchen or a tight space kitchen, it will definitely be hard to sell/buy a house.

If you happen to buy a house, or think that your kitchen needs a new look, then you need some tips on what to check for, be on trend but especially suit your family and your needs. Let us help with that.


Get the Kitchen of your dreams! 


What to look for

There is a quick list to check first of all, before ordering something:

  • Walls
  • floor
  • plumbings
  • measurements
  • remove everything that you don’t want

Check for the plumbing and electricity. If the plumbing needs to be updated and see if you need more plugs around the kitchen.

Wall paint/mosaics and flooring is also better to think if it needs updating.

Measurements, very raw, to ask for quotes on the kitchen, which will be our next point.


Check for everything that needs to be done prior to the cabinets.



Ask for as many you think. Measure everything. Ask for quotes on the size of your kitchen, for the interior of the cabinets, for new appliances, for lights, plumbing, prices on floor and wall, and for a team that can do it professionally.

The cost of a new kitchen can be overwhelming, but that is why some websites online let you choose, and nothing is better than to have several quotes.

But just a quick tip: just because a kitchen is expensive, it’s not necessarily the better quality, as well as for a low budget kitchen. Choose the one with the best team to place them, accordingly with your budget but check for warranties and proper materials.


Countertops matter as is the place that will take everything daily.



For many a headache. The best tip we can give you is: choose a countertop that is heat resistant, that is sturdy and last many years.

Remember that the countertops are the part of the kitchen that will take everything: from cutting, to heat to many other things. Choose something easy to clean but practical and functional.


Check for the best appliances.



The best tip we can give you with appliances, and according to our experience, is that all newsletters and sales are welcome. Plus YouTube of course! Why? To check why brands or retailers are selling something in sales. Check the models online and see some reviews.

If the sale is a good one, check also if the retailer has a combo discount if you buy more appliances and if they can take out the old appliances and install the new ones. Some retailers ask for a fee for those tasks, other retailers don’t do that for Sale products. You can always check online for someone that can install them.

Another good thing to consider is the energetic evaluation. Sometimes is better to pay a bit more for an appliance with A+++ and then have a low energy bill.


Tea Corner is a good way to create a chill-out corner.


Fun tip: Divide your kitchen into “corners”

We have learned this one is very appealing when buying or selling houses: having corners in your kitchen.

We all know kitchen is to prep meals and eat. But you can perk it up if you create these:

  • Breakfast/Coffee Corner  – with your coffee machine, Kettle, waffle machine, toaster, all with spoons, sugar tubes, coffee pods…biscuits jar.
  • Wine corner (with a cooling wine rack/fridge)
  • Movie Corner – for movie buffs with Sweets (shop) corner or a Popcorn maker
  • Protein corner – if you like to have your shakes and protein ready with your blender

Don’t forget to add some details for each corner, for example on the breakfast corner add a coffee house wall light or a vintage popcorn maker to give a different touch.


Happy remodelling!


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