Should You Aim Higher With Your Next Hire?

Should You Aim Higher With Your Next Hire?

Do you keep hiring employees who aren’t right for the job? Does it feel as if there are no good applicants out there? It could be time to aim your sights higher. There are top quality employees out there – you just need to change your recruitment methods to find them. Below are a few ways to find better talent.

Outsource specialist recruiters

If you’ve used recruiters before and had no luck, consider whether it could be time to use a more specialist recruitment agency. There are companies out there that focus on executive search and recruitment for leadership roles. There are also companies that specialise in finding top talent for certain industries. These recruitment companies will do more than just putting an ad on a job board – they will trawl social media, advertise in unique places and actively headhunt potential candidates. You will have to pay commission for their services, but it’s worth it to help you find better talent (while also saving you from having to do the work yourself).

Attend university job fairs

Some of the most promising young professionals out there are likely to get snatched up by companies while still studying in university. How do companies manage to do this? By advertising vacancies at university job fairs. You’ll need to pay to exhibit at one of these fairs, however it’s likely to be worth it – you’ll gain access to talent that other companies miss out on. This post delves more into the benefits of exhibiting at a job fair.

Advertise remote positions globally

More companies are taking on remote workers. Hiring remote workers has many benefits – one big benefit being access to a much larger talent pool. There could be perfect candidates living in different parts of the country or even different parts of the world who you can gain access to by expanding your search. Of course, this is only feasible for roles that can be worked remotely.

Raise the requirements

When you raise the bar of entry, you often attract better quality candidates. This could include only hiring employees with a certain qualification of a certain amount of years’ experience. It is possible to be too demanding and end up putting off suitable candidates. This is why you need to be realistic about what requirements are necessary – asking for a degree when hiring a coffee bar manager is excessive, and could result in you excluding many suitable coffee bar manager candidates who don’t have a degree.

Upgrade your benefit package

When appealing to the most attractive candidates, it’s often not a case of them trying to sell themselves to you, but more of a case of you trying to sell yourself to them. Some of these candidates won’t bother applying to companies that have a meagre benefit package. This is why you need to make sure that you’re offering standout benefits. This could include things like unlimited paid leave, gym membership discounts, a work phone or paid commute costs. Shout about these benefits in your adverts so that the best candidates are eager to work for you.

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