His Guilty Secret by Hélene Fermont

It will be thrilling, haunting and at the same time pull you up at give you strength.

This was just a little of what I felt with this book.


The man she trusted was a liar and a cheat. She was glad he was dead.

His Guilty Secret takes the reader on a scandalous tale of death, betrayal, love and no less than five affairs. Hélene Fermont’s novels deal with the psychological and moral complexity of issues that readers will easily identify with. Her experience as a therapist helps her to understand the true emotions of her characters, leading them through their grief, addictions and escape from their toxic relationships.

A practising psychologist as well as a novelist Hélene brings professional insight, empathy and understanding to her characters. Readers will easily identify with this true to life story of grief, addiction and toxic relationships.

The women of His Guilty Secret are inspiring, courageous and above all authentic. Featuring powerful mother figures, fighting to protect their children against life’s harsh realities, sisters struggling to rekindle a relationship battered by arguments and time, wives struggling against the strain of deceit and abuse and a shocking revelation, when someone turns out not to be quite who they purport to be…


My two pence:

This book is a bit different of what I like to read but I accepted the challenge to read.

Reading books based in true life are never a book Inwould go to because… I have been through too much and knew too many people and cases that I took care of in my daily practice in clinic.

Still this book was so gripping and so strong, and as I was talking earlier, I knew several woman just like the heroine of this book.

People can deceive you and manipulate you, either men or women, no one told us the different and these kind of people disguise themselves so well that you will never know who they are until you’re already entangled.

This is such a powerful writing, such a great book to be given to our sons and daughters.

Don’t think that the book is sad or too frightful, no!! Read “His Guilty Secret” as it will give you strength to fight back and be strong.

A huge praise for Hélene Fermont and this book is truly a masterpiece.


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