Spring Fashion Trends

Oh my goodness a couple of goodies coming over for this March!

Think Spring, think romance, think new beginnings and a soft and flowy trend!

One of the major things coming this Spring/Summer is the Tulle skirts and flowy fabrics like shiny silks and pearls. Pinks, baby blues, pale tones and bring on those sandals!

I got some new outfits from a brand called Lily Lulu, that I’ve met and become obsessed with their quality and the variety of good fitting. Because one thing is being really gorgeous outfits, but in reality, the quality of an outfit is very important, as we want to dress several times in that outfit, mix and match with other pieces, right?

Take a look at these!


Blue Dotted Tulle Skirt



I am in love with this Blue Dotted Tulle Skirt. As a plus size, sometimes is not easy to find a skirt that fits. And in Tulle, even less. This skirt is size L and fits a UK18 or more. It’s a midi skirt, below knees, and it looks gorgeous! Looks, feels and I can’t find a fault on this skirt.

One of the biggest trends this year, Tulle is coming to stay with a 50’s or a 70’s vibe. I decided to pair up with my new sandals and /or with the blouse below.




Pink Blouse with Pearls



Unfortunately this blouse it’s not available (unless you are lucky online), but I had to share it anyway. This kind of pink, powder pink, is not something I would wear normally since I am too fair skinned. BUT it looks absolutely perfect.

Soft, flowy and very elegant, this oversized blouse can be used tucked in on a skirt, on a pair of tailored trouser in a power suit or simply with a pair of faux leather legging for a weekend/night out look. Lily Lulu needs to get a type of blouse like this!

It actually reminds me of a blouse my mother had in the 80’s, a “lady blouse” and she called it, because you look like a real lady dressed like that: Feminine and Elegant.



Leopard print Mini Dress



I prefer to think of this one as a tunic. I prefer it to be paired up with a suit or a black ankle trouser and be fashionable with my taste and I feel better in that way, but you do you always. Paired it or use it on its own.

This leopard print is dress is fantastic, and the shiny effect of the silky fabric make this a must-have piece to have in the wardrobe. It’s a trend but also this print and model lives on, and it’s always good to have one piece like this on your wardrobe.



Snake Print Sandals



Of course! Snake print fever in the house!

Newsflash: these sandals are the most comfortable sandals, that I have used and experienced in these previous years! I am very very picky with sandals, as my feet are very sensible, but these soles, the height, the material, all of it is superb!

Super comfortable from the 1st time I’ve worn them till now. They look gorgeous and they pair with anything you wear. What a quality on these sandals. I am really happy with them and makes the calves look great!



What do you think?

Let me know below what is your favourite trend!


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